Dock and Door

Dock and Door

Houston's number one, premier industrial doors and commercial doors providers and installers, Industrial Door Systems have been keeping the wonderful people of Houston, TX, We satisfied Houstonians for more than two decades, and we don't plan on stopping! Our reliable, professional and affordable service is what our customers have grown to know and love. We take immense pride in continuing to supply our valued clientele with industrial door systems that can be counted on to last them for years to come for our outstanding offer solutions for service and products for commercial facility managers and warehouse managers.

We provide a wide range of door services, tailoring them to the needs of your building. Whether your concern is security like touchless doors, ADA compliance, Automatic door, or creating an inviting atmosphere, we will work with you to find the right solution. We can service any door type and address any related issue, from broken doors to new installations to name a few:


    Here at Industrial Door Systems, we understand the intricacies of the loading dock area and know just how busy they can be when running at maximum efficiency. Typically, the hub of many warehouse activities and as such, must be safe and easily accessible at all times, loading docks are vital for the successful running of hundreds of different commercial businesses, and we are proud to have been serving this particular industry for many, many years now for your specific needs with superior service.

    We know that with vehicles, inventory, and personnel constantly moving in and out of the loading dock, the entire area must be made safe at all times. We help to ensure that this is always the case with our range of dock and door solutions with our outstanding service needs, such as:

  • Dock boards: Metal ramps that bridge the gap between dock and truck and are usually made of steel.
  • Edge of dock leveler (EOD): Fixed to the loading dock and ideal for use when trucks are backing up to a loading area; these bridge the gap from the edge of a loading dock to the truck, trailer, or ramp.
  • Hydraulic dock leveler: Operating in a range between 12 inches below and 12 inches above the level of the dock, the leveler is controlled with a button that raises it and extends the lip, causing the platform to float down to the trailer floor.
  • Mechanical dock levelers: The mechanical leveler is activated with a pull chain, similar to a hydraulic dock leveler.
  • Air-powered dock leveler: More economical than a hydraulic leveler, these use an airbag system to raise and lower the deck and are operated by a push-button.
  • Specialty dock levelers: These levelers are designed to cope with non-conventional truck bed heights, including truck levelers and Vertical storing dock levelers.
  • Trailer stabilizers: Intended for vertical loading and avoiding excessive side forces, these stabilizers help facilitate the loading and unloading of trailers and can raise them to a correct storage angle.
  • Wheel chocks: Placed closely against the wheels of a vehicle, this sturdy wedge prevents it from moving around when goods are being loaded unloaded in the loading dock.
  • Industrial fans and commercial HVLS fans: High volume, low-speed industrial ceiling fans circulate air in warehouses and other applications and are both cost and energy-efficient.
  • High-speed doors:We specialize in high speed roll up doors engineered for many industries, from our industrial high speed metal doors,rubber doors to our high-speed vinyl doors. The "high speed" in their title refers to just how quickly each door rolls up and down. This too is an important feature for your company as it relates to maintaining a comfortable temperature, considering that opening a large door often creates a draft inside the building. Our systems are designed for no back draft, promising to keep the temperature inside just where you set it.
  • Trailer fans: Our range of HVLS fans can be adapted to suit many applications.
  • Dock seals: Providing a barrier between the opening of the loading dock door and the surface of the trailer when loading or unloading, dock seals keep weather, bugs, dirt, rodents, and unwanted pedestrian traffic out of your warehouse and help to maintain the climate within.
  • Dock shelters: This flexible enclosure enables trailers to pull under and into the opening of a loading dock, while the surface of the shelter forms a contact barrier around the rear. Looser than loading dock seals, they are more flexible and durable.
  • Dock bumpers: Often referred to as truck dock bumpers or dock pads, they're generally made from rubber, are highly resistant to impact and wear and tear, that prevent damage to loading dock equipment, warehouse walls, vehicles, and trailers.
  • Truck restraints / Vehicle restraints: This equipment is installed at the loading dock and helps prevent transport vehicles from leaving the loading dock while being loaded or unloaded.
    Commercial door products

    The first experience everyone has when coming into your building is walking through the door. Our commercial door products will not only add security to your building but are also a sustainable and eco-friendly option. We have a wide range of doors, frames, locks, and hardware that will fit any need you may have. Your business deserves to be protected. Our commercial doors and services will help you do that.

    Commercial door and frame installations

    Rely on Industrial door systems for commercial door and frame installation that you can count on. Our team of experts has years of experience installing commercial doors and frames, so you can rest assured that your project will be completed the first time correctly.

    Commercial Steel Security doors

    Commercial steel doors are a smart choice for building owners because they provide an extra level of security, keeping occupants safe against outside threats and potential dangers from inside the building. By installing commercial steel doors, you can lower your insurance and liability costs, reduce your energy bills, and even save money in the long run by lowering maintenance and repair costs.

    Commercial door repair, service, and installations, Houston

    Industrial door systems is a company that your experience with will be nothing less than friendly and professional, ultimately leaving you with satisfactory products and services. At Industrial door systems, we understand that our customers have different needs, so we have a variety of products available to meet those needs. We know that your business is unique, and we have several products that can help you daily.

    Commercial overhead door

    Need an overhead door that is energy efficient and maximizes the functionality of your business? Our commercial overhead doors are available in various designs, sizes, materials, and building code requirements to suit your needs. From our rolling steel doors to our sectional doors, find out more about which overhead door will provide the value your business deserves.

    Sectional door

    Sectional doors meet the day-to-day needs of all business applications from parking garages to service stations. Our comprehensive line of sectional doors is designed to insulate efficiently, operate smoothly, and safeguard your assets with durability, dependability, and long-lasting performance.

    Roll up / Coiling door

    Rolling service and coiling doors provide efficiency and flexibility for interior and exterior use. Choose a roll-up service door with a continuous curtain made of galvanized steel, stainless steel, or aluminum for security and weather protection. The available fire- and smoke-rated models provide extra safety measures. Achieve a personalized look with the rust-resistant construction.

    High-speed doors

    We specialize in high-speed roll-up doors engineered for many industries, from our industrial high-speed metal and rubber to our high-speed vinyl doors. The "high speed" in their title refers to how quickly each door rolls up and down. This is an essential feature for your company regarding maintaining a comfortable temperature, considering that opening a large door often creates a draft inside the building. Our systems are designed for no backdraft, promising to keep the temperature inside just where you set it.

    Screen doors

    You can keep the outside elements where they belong with a screen door from Industrial Door Systems. Our screen doors are economical for screening bugs, birds, and other unwanted pests from your industrial facility.

    Pass doors

    Our pass doors are an ideal solution when space is limited, and access to the interior of the building is required. Ideal for applications with no swing room for standard door pass doors that allow access through a sectional. The minimal opening also reduces the transmission of heat and cold, lowering your utility costs. Safer than side access doors, this door incorporates safety features to protect your employees.

    Breakaway bottom section

    Door damage can be devastating to a business. Luckily, break-away bottom sections will release from the track and swing up to a whole 45-degree angle inward or outward, preventing further damage to the door. This means that your doors can withstand rough treatment and impacts and hold together in high wind conditions. They'll make sure you're back in business in no time. Once impacted, it resets independently and does not require immediate replacement.


    Our grilles are available in open air or full closure models and feature multiple styles, patterns, and colors. Applications include shopping malls, convention centers, schools, garages, and other institutional, commercial, and retail projects. Because our grilles are designed to be installed in the long run, they provide a cost-effective security solution that can be applied virtually anywhere.

    Door equipment

    Commercial door hardware

    When it comes to Commercial doors, you can never have too much to provide a safer and user-friendly experience. Our commercial door hardware includes necessities like high-grade hinges, thresholds, panic bars, etc. Contact our expert sales professionals to determine which option is best for your business.

    Commercial door locksmith service Houston

    Even though doors provide you with security against the outside world, you still may need to change commercial locks out from time to time. We care about the safety of your building, and something as small as lost keys and damaged locks can put your building and those within in jeopardy. Because there are a lot of different factors that may require the assistance of a locksmith, we have a team of well-trained locksmiths specialized in every type of commercial lock need.

    Manual Chain hoist

    The chain hoist has a controlled descent facility that allows the door to be operated confidently, unlike standard chain hoists that could allow the door to move out of control. When you're not pulling this chain, the brake keeps your door in place.

    Door operator / Door opener

    Open the door to a more accessible facility with our commercial door operator system. It delivers performance when you need it most every day. The system comes with our guarantee for reliable performance and is built convenient for your employees and easier for your customers to enter and exit your business. The commercial door operators are engineered for a full range of new, remodel, and upgrade applications, including office buildings, schools and universities, hospitals and medical centers, retail centers, government facilities, etc. Count on us to help you meet your needs on time.

    Different types of loading dock

    Most loading docks are used as a location for vehicles to unload or load products, although their uses in specialized environments do vary. Warehouses and factories often use docks for shipping and receiving. They offer a bridge between the building and the transport truck. Loading dock structures are incredibly versatile, as they facilitate many different tasks, from product loading to construction support.

    Learning how to properly evaluate your unique needs will help ensure that you're making the right purchasing decision before investing in loading dock equipment. Different types of loading docks can offer specific benefits to particular environments. Roller Shutter Door Loading Docks are heavy-duty units designed to seal tightly when closed roller doors. This prevents dust, water, rodent, and other elements from entering the warehouse through the dock door opening and energy efficiencies.

    Your dock area should be flexible enough to accommodate any vehicle. The most common dock height is 48" – 52", but some customers may not be able to load or unload materials or products due to truck heights (or different cargo). It would be best to consider how you want to compensate for the trailer heights of tractor-trailers (which can be as high as 13'). In addition, you need to consider the equipment your drivers will use if your drivers are using forklifts or pallet jacks

    Flush dock

    The flush dock is the most common loading dock used in transport or heavy lifting. A flush dock allows for the back of the loading truck to be flush against the entryway of space and maintains a secure buffer between the building and bay to avoid damaging walls. This type of dock is typically used as a space-saving measure as it fits snugly inside the chosen warehouse or facility, making it ideal for smaller businesses. Flush docks are also suitable for manufacturing industries and commercial outputs and delivery locations that require this kind of functionality.

    Open dock

    Used in older warehouses, the open dock is a popular option for businesses who ship durable goods and where time may be more important than the security of their shipment. But they offer certain benefits, such as ease of access for loaders. This can save significant time and money through the load / unload process. You will, however, need security procedures to guard against theft or damage to goods.

    Sawtooth dock

    Uniquely shaped at an angle, a saw tooth dock can easily fit into narrow or difficult spaces; however, it can be bulky to operate within the warehouse, wasting valuable storage space. If you have enough room in your warehouse to accommodate their unusual size, a saw tooth dock will give you much more maneuverability on the outside. Best to use these docks in large-scale manufacturing warehouses with plenty of room on the inside.

    Enclosed dock

    Using an enclosed dock in your delivery shipments can provide many advantages. You provided loaders quick and easy access to their supplies, reducing the amount of time needed for deliveries. Moreover, these docks also help protect crucial goods from environmental damage or other damages caused by open-air infrastructure. You must make sure you have proper ventilation systems implemented to prevent too much pollution. If you have limited space in your warehouse, consider using one of these today!

    Loading dock solutions

    Our Loading Dock Solutions are the most versatile on the market. Choose between an Economy Loading Dock for low-traffic areas, a Medium-Duty Loading Dock for less cumbersome material handling operations and higher traffic areas, or one of our heavy-duty loading docks designed to handle rugged applications and demanding environments.

    Professional installation

    For over 20 years, our team of commercial door experts has been providing exceptional service and installing or repairing doors for commercial facilities in the Houston metropolitan area. Doors are the focus of our business, but we also offer additional services, such as access control systems. We understand the challenges and needs of facilities managers, large and small, in the transportation, retail, education, and industrial industry. Whether it is a hardware repair or custom application, our team takes pride in our ability to offer creative solutions while paying attention to detail by our certified and qualified technicians for the demands of today for optimal performance.


    When your equipment is down, time is of the essence. Understanding that your facility will continue to operate without its doors is a priority of Industrial Door Systems. We don't sub-contract out for repair work. Our dedicated technicians do your repairs.

    Emergency service

    We are licensed, bonded, and insured with years of experience in the industry. We understand that emergencies can strike at any time and often without warning. Our staff of emergency technicians responds to your needs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for your business-critical needs with skilled technicians' on-time response and quick turnaround time to keep your business running smoothly.

    Fire door Testing

    The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has a building and fire code requiring all fire doors to be tested annually. Industrial Door Systems has been inspecting and testing fire doors for more than 20 years, and our service is unmatched in the industry. We offer a full range of testing services, including UL-listed door closers. When maintained and tested correctly, fire doors can save lives and livelihoods.

    Fire doors are installed to prevent the spread of fire and help slow it down. This reduced the damage caused by the fire, preventing further risk to the lives and property of your employees and customers. The Fire Door Drop Test program increases your chances of complying and helps you maintain your facility's rolling and sliding fire doors.

    Preventative maintenance and Inspection

    Industrial Door Systems offers a comprehensive range of Preventative maintenance, inspection, and repair plans to keep your doors performing at optimal levels. We understand that your time is valuable, and we wish to manage that for you. Industrial Door Systems offers a no-cost estimate for our customers, so the process is stress-free.

    To know more about our full and varied range of, material handling equipment, dock lifts, loading dock levelers, vehicle restraint systems,High-speed doors, steel doors,Screen doors, Strip doors, Air doors/ Air curtains, Fire doors, commercial overhead doors, industrial overhead doors, Sectional doors, Commercial operators, and loading dock doors call our friendly sales team for more details. Alternatively, you can fill in our quick online inquiry form, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Did you know that we also provide convenient emergency repairs and maintenance services?

    So, once you've found the product that suits your need from our comprehensive selection of industrial and commercial docks and doors, not only will we deliver and install it, but we'll give you maintenance advice for the safety of your employees that will help ensure your product functions at its best for many more years to come. Our team of factory-trained experts will also talk you through the various safety elements of your related equipment to help prevent accidents from happening and/or damage from occurring.

    However, should any of your existing dock and commercial garage doors need repair, we'll schedule a visit from one of our specialist technicians. If you require new parts or equipment, we'll source them directly from the manufacturer and deliver them to you onsite, and work our hardest to get your loading dock back running efficiently as soon as possible. Our values and work ethics

    We aim to always provide our valued customers with a service they can rely upon, no matter the size of the task or how urgently a product is required, and you can reach out to us for help whenever you need us for our team of experts. Without you, our customers, Industrial Door Systems wouldn't be the successful and innovative company it is today. We value you just as much as we love our business. Passionate about our work and highly knowledgeable within our field, we believe our service is unsurpassed. We perform every task with integrity and vigor for any future ongoing support you need.

    Using only the highest quality materials, and with all team members undergoing frequent skills and knowledge assessments and fully stocked common OEM parts in our service trucks, we are constantly doing everything to remain the company of choice for our existing, loyal customers. We are routinely excited and keen to begin serving more new customers than ever before. So, for all your dock and door needs (and so much more!), make us your company of choice, and we promise you won't be disappointed. Give us a Call now Phone: (832)736-7699 We are available 24/7 365 days day or night.