Our Benefits

    Wind Resistant

    Up to wind load

    Remains operational even under strong wind

    Innovative push-pull drive technology

    Suited for intensive use and fast traffic flows

    High opening and closing speed

    Protects against bad weather

    superior seal around the full perimeter of the door

    Safe for personnel and equipment

    Flexible curtain without rigid elements avoids injuries and damages

    Avoid production down-time

    Self-reinserting door curtain

    Structure in stainless steel optional

    If you're building is often exposed to strong winds. Thanks to a superior and tight seal this medium sized high speed door is wind resistant up.

    The fast door cycle combined with push-pull drive technology ensures uninterrupted continuation of your production, transport or logistic activities, even in bad weather conditions.

    No ballast is used in order to close the wind loaded door. The flexible door curtain is pushed down by the motor. So even with a strong headwind the entrances to your building, warehouse or hangar remain fully operational.

    With a curtain free of rigid elements, the wind loaded door is safe for your staff and equipment. When accidentally dislodged, the door curtain reinserts itself into the side guides after an open and close cycle. This avoids production down-time.