Wind Loaded Door, Bug doors


Wind Loaded Door, Bug doors

At Industrial Door Systems, we have a wide and varied range of professional door and dock solutions, and are exceptionally proud to be the premier commercial and industrial installation, repair and maintenance service in Houston, TX. We’ve been performing incredibly well in our locality for more than twenty years now, and have been consistently offering our valued customers an unbeatably loyal service that simply can’t be matched anywhere else. In fact, we’re so proud of what we do, and so confident in our level of service, that we’re certain you won’t go anywhere else for your door and dock solutions after working with us just once; why not give us a try!

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Let’s look at wind load in a little more detail:

What is wind load?

Used to refer to any pressures or forces that wind exerts on a building or structure, wind load is categorized in the following three ways:

Uplift wind load

Canopies, awnings and other similar structures would be particularly badly affected by an upwards force of wind, known as ‘uplift wind load’, wherein the wind flow under a roof structure pushes the roof upwards, and wind flow over a horizontal structure pulls the roof upward.

Shear wind load

This describes horizontal pressure or force that can cause walls or vertical structural elements to tilt or crack, which can then go on to cause the whole building to tilt.

Lateral wind load

This is another type of horizontal wind pressure that can force a structure to move off of its foundations, or in a worst-case scenario, completely overturn. Coastal properties or sites that are situated outside the confines of a sheltered town or city environment are often subject to higher wind loads and need to be designed in a manner that can withstand such forces.

Wind exposure categories

When design pressures are being determined, exposure categories B, C or D are taken into consideration, and these are formed to accurately reflect the location characteristics of ground surface irregularities where the structure is going to be erected. Used to help calculate the required design wind pressures for a structure, exposure B yields the lowest wind pressures, while exposure D yields the highest.

  • Exposure B – this applies to both urban and suburban areas, wooded areas or terrain where there are many family sized dwellings (or larger) close together. Typically associated with locations in residential subdivisions, most are assumed to be exposure B unless it meets the definition of another type of exposure.
  • Exposure C – Including flat, open country, grasslands and shorelines in regions that are prone to hurricanes, this exposure applies to all open terrain that has obstructions scattered across it of heights less than 30 feet, and extending more than 1,500 feet from the site of the structure.
  • Exposure D – Including shorelines in inland waterways and coastal areas, this exposure applies to flat, unobstructed areas that are exposed to wind that flows over open water for at least one mile, and extends inland from the shoreline a distance of 1,500 feet or up to ten times the height of the building, whichever may be greater.
Our wind loaded doors

Perfect for use in settings where wind load must be accounted for, our wind loaded doors have a range of benefits, some of which are listed below

Even strong winds are no obstacle

With our innovative push-pull drive technology, our wind loaded doors will continue to perform well even under tough conditions, such as high winds

Suitable for intense use and continuous traffic flow

Our high opening, fast closing wind loaded doors are great under even the most intense of conditions

Protects you

With a superior seal around the full perimeter of the door, our wind loaded doors offer fantastic protection against the elements and extreme weather conditions

Keeps you safe

The flexible curtain of our wind loaded doors helps to prevent the risk of injury and/or damage

Avoids a decrease in production

The self-reinserting door curtain means that production down-times are greatly reduced

If your commercial or industrial building is often exposed to strong winds, then our superior and snugly fitted high speed doors are the perfect solution to all your windy worries, and with a fast door cycle combined with push-pull drive technology; you’re guaranteed uninterrupted production, transport or logistical activities, even when the weather is doing its best to curtail proceedings.

With no ballast required to close our wind loaded doors, the flexible door curtain is simply pushed down by the motor, and even with a strong headwind, the entrance to your building, store or warehouse can remain 100% operational. If accidentally dislodged, the door curtain reinserts itself into the side guides after an open and close cycle, providing you with peace of mind when it comes to safety, and the avoidance of any down-time in production.

Aside from our excellent and affordable range of door and dock solutions, we are also proud to offer a selection of other services available to customers in and around Houston; check them out below:

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