Warehouse safety and security products


Warehouse safety and security products

We offer a wide variety of quality, durable warehouse safety products to help you safeguard your people, work or loading dock areas, building columns and walls; or equipment and machinery such as conveyors, rack guard, hand railing, safety gates, safety bollards, aisle guards, overhead doors, pallet racks systems, and more. Our customers have found our warehouse safety solutions to be extremely beneficial. If you are looking to safeguard your people, equipment and buildings, our products can help!. We have the warehouse security solution for your safety product needs. We understand the constant nature of risk in warehouses, and we know what to look for to counter any potential threats.

Warehouse safety starts with a comprehensive approach to safety and security from monitoring employees, equipment, and materials to safe construction and planning. That's why we believe you shouldn't have to compromise quality for value. Our extensive selection of warehouse safety products has been designed to deliver both top-notch protection and peace of mind.

One of the first areas of safety to consider is a warehouse's physical security perimeter. Safety in the loading dock and warehouse environments is of great concern to many companies. Employee and equipment safety can reduce insurance rates and minimize legal risk when managed proactively. Safety in the loading dock and warehouse environments is of great concern to many companies. Employee and equipment safety can reduce insurance rates and minimize legal risk when managed proactively.

We offer a wide range of products that are designed to help keep employees safe as they work throughout their organization. With an eye on current safety regulations and employee needs, we have developed a series of equipment and accessories that can be used to both protect employees and encourage them to protect the environment.

Certain safety measures would appear to be common sense, it’s human nature for people to rest on their laurels. That’s why being proactive and consistently reminding employees about regulations and regular safety practices will go along way in preventing injuries, illnesses, fatalities, and other preventable misfortunes. The same logic goes for security measures inside a warehouse, which should periodically be updated to ensure the facility and its contents are safe and secure.


Appropriate signage is one of the most critical aspects of warehouse safety and one of the easiest to implement. The expansive space and high shelving of a warehouse can make it challenging to see improperly posted signs. Signs indicating things like exits and fire extinguishers should be prominent and easy to recognize. The right type of signage for your warehouse depends on the industry and regulations your business falls under. Overall, there are three main types of signage you need to consider: fire extinguishing signs, exits signs, and hazard warning signs. There are different regulations for each type of warehouse safety and security sign.


Warehouse operators must be appropriately trained, certified, and undergo periodic evaluation. Education and training for forklift operations is crucial to help reduce accidents that may occur every day in the warehouse environment. OSHA and industry standards require that all operators of heavy lift equipment be trained and certified in its safe operation.

It’s also a good idea to conduct periodic safety refresher training, whether the employees who regularly operate forklifts are new hires or long-term veterans. Our goal is to help cut down on workplace injuries due to operator inexperience, lack of training or lack of knowledge.

Loading Docks

It is not recommended to use the forklift on a dock or anywhere else where there are people or obstacles that could be damaged. -Always think of the way the forklift was intended to be used and drive accordingly. Never go in reverse when loading or unloading a forklift, since it is much more prone to run off the dock than when traveling forward. If a forklift does run off the dock, immediately turn. One of the most important parts of maintaining a well-organized warehouse is having a safe environment where forklifts can transport products without any risk to workers and others in the area. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), forklifts are involved in 75% of all fatal incidents on construction sites.

Guard Rails

Guardrail is your high visibility and structurally sound solution for providing protection to both people and equipment throughout your materials handling facility. Guardrail systems are designed to provide maximum visibility around dangerous equipment, machinery, and materials while reducing installation time and labor cost. Safety guard rail is designed to handle impact from heavy loads in motion such as on a forklift.

Dock communication Light

Industrial door systems offers a complete line of dock lights, communications lights, mast mounted light and trailer docking lights for your truck dock, ambulance dock, construction site entrance and exit and more. Major accidents due to trucks pulling away from a dock before loading and unloading is complete. The communication light also known as red green loading dock lights, is designed to communicate with both the truck driver and forklift drivers.

Column Protectors

Warehouse safety security Products provides a range of solutions designed to protect warehouse floors, equipment and property from damage. Column Protectors are designed to protect building columns, mezzanine columns, rack posts, drain pipes and other loading dock, warehouse and facility equipment from moving vehicles such as forklifts, lift trucks and other more. Built with safety in mind, column protectors come in safety yellow to increase visibility and reduce potential accidents. Warehouse and Facility column protectors are designed to protect building columns, mezzanine columns, rack posts, drain pipes and other loading dock, warehouse and facility equipment from moving vehicles such as forklifts, lift trucks and other more.


Pipe Bollards are the barrier solution to avoiding equipment, wall and facility damage. Bollards offer solid protection from moving vehicle collisions and reduce the incidence of repair for door tracks, doors, loading docks, racking and other in-plant areas. Bollards should be used for moving vehicle collisions at loading docks, warehouses, parking lots and manufacturing plants. The bollard can be made of fiberglass, metal or stainless steel and features replaceable polyurethane foams inserts to provide additional resistance to impact.

Warehouse lights

We’ve all heard the benefits of modern, energy-saving warehouse lighting. It reduces your electricity costs and cuts down on heat in the workplace. But, did you know fitting a new light can also dramatically improve your safety record? Odors and vapors can build up over time, causing nausea or headaches. Improve visibility at your warehouse today with next generation LED lights.

Dock guide light

Loading Dock Guide Lights are the best way to prevent a backing truck from overrunning the dock. Reflective dock Lights are available in low, medium and high power LED luminaires with a variety of lens options. The dock guide lights generate a focused and bright light pattern that illuminates the dock surface for easier alignment and guidance.

Dock Impact barriers

Dock Impact Barrier is the impact resistant, self retracting dock leveler specifically designed for loading dock safety and security. Works on all standard docks with a loading capacity of 10,000 lbs. or less. Requires minimal manual effort to open and close and has a hydraulically controlled release mechanism. Dock impact barriers offer an easy-to-install solution for workers to safely load and unload trucks. Dock Impact Barrier is a proven safety product that reduces falls off the edge of a loading dock when the overhead door is open. The barrier prevents pedestrians from falling to the ground by redirecting them to the inner edge of the dock when they try to step off without first opening the overhead door.


Warehouse security is just as important as having the property safety protocols in place. Think about it: warehouses are responsible for hundreds, if not thousands, of items at any given time. Customers are trusting that their cargo will be in good hands, whether it's for a prolonged period or an abbreviated stop on the supply chain. Any type of security failure can damage the reputation of even the most reputable warehouse, possibly leading to significant losses.

To make sure all safety and security procedures are effective, warehouse managers should conduct regular inspections. Necessary reviews include everything from emergency evacuation drills to checking the physical integrity of the building. Without these routine checks, there may be areas of concern that no one knows about until it's too late. Safety is everyone's responsibility, and so everyone in the warehouse should be well-versed in proper safety procedures. Workers should undergo routine hazard awareness training, especially if they're licensed or permitted to use equipment like forklifts. Carelessness is a leading factor behind workplace accidents, and the cure to negligence is regular re-education. “The safer the employees are at work, the more productive they are and this benefits the overall financial health of the firm. Saying so, it is no different for the warehousing industry.

A loading dock is a necessity for essential access and transportation of goods. While loading dock for trucks make shipping and receiving easier than ever, helping your business to run smoothly and efficiently. However, loading docks can also pose potential security threats. To keep your company secure while still reaping the benefits of dock doors, you should take certain measures to prevent vandalism and unauthorized access, which will contribute to less damage to goods and cargo and better long-term productivity. Industrial Door Systems has the capability to customize our services to meet your demands. We will take every aspect of your operation and integrate it into our own methodology as we specialize in transparent distribution.

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