• Ideal steam sterilizers for OR, CSSD, surgical centers, and sterile processing departments.
  • High capacity in a small footprint.
  • Vertical sliding door stable and easy operation.
  • Touch screen technology for high user interaction.
  • Possibility to have the technical area for easy maintain on the left or on the right or both sides.
  • High effective liquid-ring vacuum pump for saving energy.
  • Excellent ergonomics together with well-adapted accessories.
  • Built-in steam generator is optional for small ones (Chamber volume <= 600 liters)
  • Integrated automatic PLC control system with one key operation function
  • High quality chamber with fine polished of SS304 or SS316L
  • Flexible loading system suitable for various goods requirements
  • Customized orders are available
  • Our advantages

    1. Protecting people and the environment

    There are many types of materials in laboratories, hygiene standards are extremely high. Perfect sterilization processes are the prerequisite for safety in laboratory operation. Suitable methods have to be used to validate sterilization processes in terms of the desired effect, because perfect sterilization results can only be achieved by precisely matching sterilization processes to the material to be sterilized.

    2. Constantly high operational safety

    As a result of our comprehensive service network our customers benefit t from rapid reaction times, immediate availability of spare parts and personal and competent local support. Our primary goals are safety, productivity and system availability.

    3. Maximum flexibility

    Our strength is flexibility. Sterilization processes, machine capacity and the quality of performance perfectly match our customers' sterilization goods. We offer a wide range of chamber sizes (110 to 6,200 liters) and programs. The sterilizers are available in vertical, horizontal and one- or two-door versions subject to requirements or chamber size.