Companies providing refrigerated environments face new challenges within their facilities as they strive for higher productivity at lower operational costs then vertical rise door is the best choice. The Vertical rise fiber glass door is a custom designed door where there are side room constraints, but enough ceiling space. They fit where swing doors / sliding doors or a rollup door won't work.


  • Ideal choice for areas with side clearance restrictions.
  • "Down and In" track system provides superior sealing.
  • Full perimeter edge capping protects the panel surface from damage and is easily replaceable.
  • With no lubrication required, no metal-to-metal contact, and complete gasket release travel design maintenance is virtually eliminated.
  • Standard sizes range between 5'x7' to 10'x12' with custom options available upon request.
  • Panel constructed with two molded fiberglass reinforced polyester shells surfaced with white polyester gel coat and bonded into a seamless unit.
  • Panel corners and edges reinforced to a thickness of 3/8" and interior subframe reinforced with 1/8" steel with 11 gauge steel hardware attachment plates welded to frame.
  • Superior insulated 4" or 6" poured polyurethane foam with a R-30 or R-50 rating and "K" factor of .12 at 75° F.
  • Hydraulic system delivers High torque by a totally enclosed motor.
  • Operates at speeds of 18″/second for Electro-mechanical and 25"/second with optional hydraulic.
  • Optional features include Kickplates on door and frame, Window 12″ x 12″, 2 or 3 lite, heated or unheated, Loop detector system actuator and more.
  • Vertical Rise doors are covered by a 1 year limited warranty.