Vertical Lifting Door


Vertical Lift doors require little to no side room. It does, however require sufficient headroom to accommodate the height of the door when open. Where the headroom is not sufficient to house the entire height of the door it can be configured into equal leaves that stack above the opening. Vertical lift door (also known as rolling steel door or rolling shutter) is a type of door that is rotated vertically. Vertical Lift doors are an innovation over the standard rolling door.

The Vertical Lift Door is designed to open in a vertical lift manner that spans the opening of the door. These types of doors are commonly installed over garages, entrances to chemical plants and anywhere there is a hard to reach location in need of overhead protection from the elements.

This type of door opens vertically and any number of panels can be added to fit the opening. These doors are a great alternative to intrusive tracks that are not entirely concealed when a section is raised. All of our doors are priced with a standard 4 inch rough opening. Door height is configurable to fit your requirements without factoring in additional room for lofted header.

Vertical Lift doors (VLD) are highly effective in applications where space is limited. VLD is available in both single leaf and twin-leaf configuration and can be configured as a shipper door or a walkthrough. The two major types of vertical lift doors are C-channel VLDs with reinforced frames for added strength, and tube composite VLDs which have the lightest weight construction. Tube composite VLDs are commonly used on set-up doors that cannot tolerate heavy, non-structural components within their frames.

Vertical Lift door is a form of door automation. In the past decade, it has emerged as one of the most widely used door concepts in both new and retrofit applications. It allows you to set up entryways with a special kind of door that rises vertically instead of horizontally upon opening. It is preferred by many over standard doors because of its benefits that can help you in terms of space, energy efficiency, and ease of use.

Vertical lift doors are the non-standard entry and exit doors for the building. The doors consist of a pair of hinged glass doors that pivot around a vertical axis at the top. Such doors are most commonly used as fire exit doors in buildings above ground level, but they can also be found in basements. In such cases the short horizontal distance between the landing and street level is bridged by using a gradual sloping surface to make it ADA compliant. Vertical lift doors are used at high traffic entry points to create a more attractive and inviting area. These doors are often used in high-rise apartment buildings, commercial facilities such as hotels and malls which are all looking to create a striking first impression.

Searching for a Side lift or Tail lift Vertical Lift door? Look no further: At Vertical Lift Door, we’re all about getting your Vertical Lift Door to work as you need it to. We’ll take the time to find out exactly what you want from a door and explain how our systems will achieve it so that you can make an informed choice and get the best possible solution for your shop or warehouse.

Vertical lift doors are primarily used in warehouses, factories, airports and other heavy-duty applications that require this style of door. Vertical lift doors can be designed for extreme wind loading conditions in hurricane prone regions. Vertical Lift doors provide a durable weathertight seal to protect valuable equipment and product inside your business or warehouse.

A Vertical Lift Door (VLD) is a type of door designed for industrial use to comply with the stringent requirements for wind loads. An ordinary sectional door when subjected to strong winds tends to get blown off its upper guides and slammed to the floor. This situation becomes even worse if the sectional door has no tail guide, which act as restraints to guide and contain the door while in motion. Vertical Lift doors are commonly used in aircraft hangers, foundries, high bay warehouses.

Vertical Lift doors are used in a variety of applications including service doors, employee entrances, loading docks, and industrial applications. In addition to standard door panels, Vertical Lift systems can be designed with factory fabricated panels for industrial and specialized applications. Special glazing, door hardware, and custom configurations are available to help meet specific needs.

Vertical Lift door is a steel construction lift door designed for industrial applications where the height from grade to floor level is too great for a manual commercial door or folding door. Vertical Lift doors are ideal for construction-type applications where ease of movement is required on both the up and down travel. Vertical Lift doors are manufactured with a swing of 90 degrees either to the right or left, thus allowing for easy company entrances and exits in narrow doorways.Industrial door systems Texas Vertical lift door's are Engineered for performance, durablity, dependabality.

  • Commercial/Industrial/Car parks.
  • Custom built for all structural requirements and architectural designs.
  • Optional Pedestrian Door Access if room allows.
  • Extensive range of cladding and glazing materials available.
  • Can be fitted with whisper quiet acoustic/vibration isolation system.
  • Motorised or Manual.
  • Over 1,000 cycles easily obtained per day.
  • Service/maintenance contracts available.

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