Vertical Leaf Telescoping Door


Vertical Leaf Telescoping Door

Industrial telescoping doors are the answer for applications with larger openings and high wind loads. Our telescoping door systems allow all the door to be linked together using pulley system so they can move all together simultaneously. The true counter weight balance design gives the door panels a smooth, quiet operating experience while our optional motors allow for fully automated operation.

Telescoping doors typical applications found in many agricultural, energy and manufacturing environments with the majority requiring emergency exit. Constructed of extruded aluminum, the telescoping panel is connected to the end frame by adjustable hinge pads.

These sliding, Rolling or Folding doors systems create an aesthetically pleasing appearance while providing safe access to and from your facility. They are controlled by a servo motor with a pulley system, cable drive, and gear drive to allow all panels to move together simultaneously.

Telescoping Door Systems: When it comes to heavy duty industrial applications, the Motorized Telescoping Door provides unmatched durability and performance to get the job done. Since these are counter balanced, they open smoothly with no surface protrusion. They serve as a great solution for both industrial and commercial applications.

From single doors to complex multi-door systems, we provide motorized and manual telescoping door systems for use in various environments and applications. our telescoping door systems are built to last. A reliable solution. The perfect balance between cost and speed. A door that’s strong, fast, and easy to maintain. Our Industrial Telescoping Doors provide you with an instant, continuous opening that will increase your productivity and decrease the cost of doing business. We can help you automate this system so your doors will open automatically. Our accessories are compatible with most major automated door equipment. We install and service industrial telescoping doors. All of our products are built to the highest quality standards. You work hard for your company and your family, and you deserve a break. Rest easy with industrial-grade customized high-speed telescoping doors from Industrial Millennium.

The Industrial Telescoping Door systems are designed to provide high performance and safety in a variety of applications. Industrial Telescoping Doors give business owners a new perspective on building design. When it comes to heavy duty industrial applications, this telescoping door provides unmatched durability and performance to get the job done. No matter what type of heavy-duty application you have, you can trust the Motorized Telescoping Door to get the job done right. So whether you’re looking to upgrade a garage door, or build an entire wind resistant building, we have a system that is affordable and durable. Affordable and easy to maintain, our telescoping doors will add an attractive accent to your building’s front entrance.

Our industrial telescoping doors are designed with your time in mind. We can help you seamlessly integrate your system into your workflow. We’re here to help meet your high-speed opening needs. Our telescoping doors use a recent innovation in technology.

Telescoping doors, you can trust with any kind of weather. It offers protection for both the outside elements and the on-going business operations in a facility. With us, each day is an awesome day for your business. Built for both indoor and outdoor use, our doors open automatically. We make it easy for you to get in an out as quickly as possible while also saving you money in the long run.

We provide doors that are tough and rugged, yet easy to maintain. You will be amazed at how conveniently an automatic door will open. Whether you’re in a warehouse or running a factory, let us show you how much easier and less costly it is to use these doors on a daily basis.

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Made by experts, tested by you. We help you with your telescoping door installation, service and repairs. We provide the best products for your door needs. Our employees are here to help you find the right one for your project. We provide the best products for your door needs. Our employees are here to help you find the right one for your project. Call us 24/7 at Phone: (832)736-7699 for any revolving door repairs or maintenance!