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Trailer Light

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As part of our selection of door and dock solutions, we provide customizable light communication systems, including trailer lights.

What are the benefits of light communication systems/trailer lights?

Communication at a busy loading dock is vital for its success and safety, as you doubtless already know, and our lighting systems have a number of advantages over sound-based systems:

  • Signals can be seen at all times – even if employees are wearing hearing protection, such as earplugs or headphones, they are still able to clearly see and interpret the signals from the light communication system.
  • Color clarity is universally recognized – no matter where you are in the world, it’s universally recognized that the color red indicates ‘stop’, and the color green is indicative of ‘go’. Miscommunications in the workplace can be drastically minimized, if not eliminated with a simple trailer light system.

Green lights near or inside the entrance to a trailer, signify to forklift operators that it’s safe for them to enter and begin loading or unloading goods, while a red light instructs the driver to remain parked and stationary. When it’s time for the truck to pull away from the dock, the lights automatically change; a red light warns that it’s not safe to approach the trailer, while a green light indicates that the driver can safely move forward.

In some other types of trailer light systems, a blue warning light can indicate that someone or something is moving inside the trailer, and caution should be entertained when approaching it.

Our trailer lights:

At Industrial Door Systems we are proud to be able to offer both universal products and vehicle-specific innovations for all commercial vehicles, and when it comes to lighting for your loading dock, we think you’ll find our range of technologically creative and effective solutions, unbeatable. Available with halogen, xenon or LED technology according to specific requirements, our selection also includes electrical and electronic components.

Designed to deliver on both quality and performance, our trailer lights are able to withstand the often-extreme external influences that heavy-duty trucks and tractors to utility vehicles are exposed to, such as stones, extreme temperatures or unremitting vibration.

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