Traffic door are a cost effective solution for efficient two-way movement through an opening where visual, sound and environmental barriers are required.

    Traffic doors increase productivity, and provide visual separation, sound containment, safety and security.

    Manually operated impact doors are less expensive than motorized alternatives, with fast installation and minimal maintenance.

    A full perimeter door-to-jamb gasket seal and insulated panel will help control air, moisture, and dust and dirt particulate movement.

    Chase double acting impact doors are tailored to suit many different markets, including supermarket, retail, restaurant, industrial, pharmaceutical, food processing, institutional and postal.


  • Standard, industrial, retail, postal, security, heavy duty, eco swing models.
  • Rotationally molded cross-linked polyethylene construction.
  • Standard model is 5 times more puncture-resistant and 3 times more flexible than ABS material.
  • Cross-linked polyethylene outer skin retains its properties to -40° F.
  • Corrosion resistant panel is ideal for wash down applications – no gaps or joint seams.
  • Door grades and sizes to suit a variety of application.