Telescopic Sliding Fiber Glass Door


Telescopic sliding Fiber glass door

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What are telescoping sliding doors?

When space is limited, we’ll keep you moving.: Our telescopic sliding door offers the perfect solution to a large variety of indoor and outdoor applications with reduced dimension restrictions, where an open The telescopic sliding glass door has a true "behind the scenes" support system with all hardware concealed, and doors can be installed with or without a track, and have the same strength and durability of any other commercial sliding door and close door directly impacts business productivity.

A telescopic single sliding glass door is a simple, high quality type of door that allows you to open one side of the entire door, hence providing you with an entirely unobstructed opening and an opening that is the size of the entire doorway. This is because of the innovative design of a telescopic sliding door. There are several types of telescoping doors. The most common one is the telescopic single sliding fiber glass door. This type is made of three sections and is often called a three-section or 3S door. Fiberglass doors are created by sandwiching two panels of glass together with another layer of glass on one side, which gives them their strength and durability.

Install our telescopic sliding fiberglass doors and we will make sure you never have to worry about your door again. We will help you through every step of the process. Whether you want to add a customized look or need to increase the value of your property. A telescopic single sliding glass door is like many other standard double doors, except that instead of opening horizontally, this type of door opens vertically.

Unlike automatic or semi-automatic doors, telescoping doors are always manually operated. This gives you more design freedom as they can be mounted on either side of the doorway and offer a greater degree of control. A sliding door is a door that slides open, like on a sliding glass door. The main benefit of a telescoping door is that it occupies less space than swinging doors and glass walls, making it ideal for small spaces.

We carefully considered the unique needs of each application; every door is designed and engineered specifically for the project. Our standard “single panel” design features an aluminum track with molded-in ball bearings hidden from sight, allowing for the door to glide extremely smoothly, even at longer distances. The panels are fixed in their open position, meaning that there is never any opening area at the bottom of the door for dangerous dirt or water to collect.

The epitome of space saving technology, telescopic sliding doors are ideal for use in a range of applications in which back run, or parking space limits the ability for a door to be open and closed efficiently. They can be adapted to suit a variety of environments and can be customized for oversized openings. The epitome of space saving technology, telescopic sliding doors are ideal for use in a range of applications in which back-run, parking-space limits the ability for a door to be open and closed efficiently. They can be tailored to suit a variety of environments.

Telescopic doors are versatile and can be used for almost any architectural application, they easily blend in with the surrounding architecture, and come in a range of designs and colors allowing you to create a modern, elegant look. Our sliding doors do their job quietly and effectively. The doors have no bottom track area for water and dirt to collect which makes the sliding door durable. A single panel sliding door offers function, beauty, and performance. It is perfect for applications where large openings are required.

It’s also possible to achieve partial opening with a telescoping door that has been specially designed and manufactured, and all doors use high quality tracks to secure the door firmly in position at all times. We are the innovative sliding, Folding and Revolving door experts; providing installation / service for telescopic doors, and bifold door systems.

Applications in which telescoping doors can be best utilized:

There are a variety of instances and settings in which telescoping doors provide a distinct advantage, and below are just a few of the most common:

  • Logistics
  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Trade and retail
  • Pharmaceuticals industry
  • Hospitals

Our telescoping sliding doors

  • Customizable: Our telescoping sliding doors can be made single side or bi parting according to specific requirements and will give you a perfect opening solution no matter what the dimensions.
  • A compact sleek look: A choice of top tracks and top roller models and designs are available according to your particular needs, and can enhance the compact, sleek look of the telescoping sliding door.
  • Can meet any budgetary limitations: In tailor making panels of metal sheets or percolated cladding sheets, we can offer a number of low budget options.
  • Acrylic vision windows: With the addition of acrylic vision windows incorporated into the door panels, visibility and lighting is improved.
  • Heavy duty top tracks: For an easier, smoother door opening, our telescoping sliding doors are specially designed with multiple heavy-duty top tracks.
  • Multiple bottom guide tracks: These help to prevent the door from oscillating
  • Pedestrian passage: This can be interlocked with the sliding door within larger panels where required.
  • Automation system: Suitable for sliding doors of any size and weight, our telescoping sliding doors can be equipped with an automation system.
  • Safety system: Designed to meet all operational and safety needs, our sliding doors are totally safe.

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