Strip doors are a time tested, effective, method of environmental control in the warehouse, office, home, and even on the road.

    The products ability to reduce heat or cold air loss, restrict birds and insects, noise, and other nuisances has only improved over the years with greater advancements in material and hardware choices.

    To help you select the materials best suited to your application strip door store encourages you to give us a call at 281-591-4748 or send us an email with the get a quote button.

    Our trained team of strip door experts will help you determine the ideal strip door material and hardware for your application while still providing a great deal.


  • Available in Jamb Mount and Face of Wall Mount.
  • Strip Widths Available in 6", 8", 12", and 16".
  • Standard Strips – Ideal for Low to Moderate Traffic.
  • Ribbed Strips – Ideal for Moderate to Heavy Traffic, Especially Where Heavy Machinery is Operated.
  • Low Temp Strips – Ideal for Refrigerated Areas and other Food Handling Services.
  • Weld Strips – Ideal for Welding or Grinding Areas.
  • Orange Safety Strips – Ideal use for Safety Applications, in Outlining Parts of Doors that are Unsafe for Passage. Recommended as the Outer Edge Strips.
  • Replacement Strips and Additional Hardware Available.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance.