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A strip door, also referred to as a strip curtain, is essentially a plastic membrane that has been designed to overlap two spaces or rooms. The primary function of a strip door is to block weather conditions, insects and dust from passing through the barrier. Strip doors are an economical answer: to separate two spaces, to improve traffic flow, to provide protection against noise, dust, and insects without closing off the interior space or sealing out customers.

They cling by their own static electricity and do not need any mechanical components for operation. Strip curtains offer a no-maintenance approach with performance in temperatures ranging from -15°F (-26°C) to 350°F (175°C), for a variety of mounting applications, and can even be installed at temperatures as low as -40°F (-40°C).

Strip doors are also famously used to hide storage areas such as refrigeration units, dumpsters or deep freezers or to hide machinery. Strip curtain doors are found in retail grocery stores, banks, schools and other public buildings.It’s also often used as a way of separating areas with different purposes into their own separate spaces while allowing for easy access if required. Strip doors and curtains are an excellent investment for any trade size business and not only have many potential uses but they’re also incredibly cost effective and durable.

Strip doors are one of the most cost saving solutions available for restaurant and retail applications, offering a host of benefits such as minor material damage, soft close strips (adjustable stop) and colour choice. Strip doors offer security in that they can give the impression of there being someone on the other side, even when you are alone in your store.

Strip curtains are essentially a series of extensions and connectors that can be combined in any way to produce the required length or design. This is why strip curtain doors are so flexible, and hence suitable for numerous applications. Strip curtains are often used in cooler and freezer applications to provide protection against wind, dust and insects.

They can help reduce energy consumption by keeping cool air in, while preventing warm air from entering. The attractive visual appearance of strip curtains makes them popular as window coverings as well. Currently there is a huge range of strip curtain door types on offer: from semi-transparent models that let you see through to opaque versions that block most light without looking shabby or lacking in style.

Strip curtain doors have been used successfully in industrial cooling and freezing applications for decades. Today they are also in use in a variety of other applications that need a barrier to separate two spaces, allow for traffic flow, provide protection against noise, wind and dust, or keep flies and insects out while remaining inviting for customers to come in.

Strip curtains not only protect food products from airborne contaminants, Strip doors: Strip curtains are an economical answer to a range of problems, providing a barrier to separate two spaces, improve traffic flow, provide protection against noise, wind and dust. Strips are often made from clear polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and may include adhesive tape to seal openings around the curtain. Strip doors continue to be a popular choice for quickly dividing space without the costs of permanently installing a door. Strip doors can also be used in food preparation areas as a quick and easy solution to maintain hygiene.

Strip doors provide affordable energy control

Time proven, low upkeep, reputable as well as affordable, strip doors are the cheapest means to alleviate loss of power, or heat-gain into a controlled temperature setting such as an awesome room or fridge freezer.Also just an air conditioned structure with an open door will have warm and/or cooling loss that can be lowered with a strip door. A strip door is also one of one of the most reliable barriers, due to the fact that it is 'always shut', it just opens to the size of the object getting in, contrasted to doors that open totally each time an item goes into.

PVC strip doors conserve energy by minimising loss of warmed or cooled air at unguarded openings. They avoid up to 80% to 90% of air loss that occurs with standard doors when main doors are opened up or left ajar - and yet strip doors make sure simple pass-through by pedestrians as well as automobiles alike. What's even more, stabilising the air temperature level enhances health and separation.

In cooled areas, temperature levels remain secure. Your organization will certainly experience much less contraction, product spoilage, less frost build-up on coils, and minimized deterioration on compressors, electric motors and also switches.Maintain far better temperature control Enhance power efficiency Decrease Maintenance prices on refrigeration devices.

Strip doors isolate noise

Designed using the very best high quality PVC rolls in Australia, the clear strip door or strip curtain works to separate sound from devices, job terminals and also packing anchors from other work areas. They have been shown to reduce sound by as much as 17 decibels in certain applications. Strip doors may also help your business minimize road sound while remaining welcoming for clients.

They restrict the activity of air toxins

PVC strip curtains help you develop a cleaner and a lot more efficient work environment by protecting against the activity of pollutants such as dirt, dirt, smoke, fumes and also draughts from one area to one more.With strip doors you can cover large and little door openings, yet make sure technicians, transportation carts, or forklifts can easily travel through.

Strip doors assist to raise staff member comfort

By keeping temperature and also humidity controlled in a cost-efficient fashion whilst maintaining simple gain access to and also natural light into your site, employee convenience is enhanced. This results in a better and also much more comfortable group setting and also inevitably raised production from your staff.

From the tiniest great space open up to the largest industrial stockroom center, strip doors supply services for health and power control.Storage facilities, food solution facilities, making plants as well as healthcare organizations can conserve energy as well as protect their workers, items and also financial investment with making use of strip door barriers.Other environments where strip doors are installed include:

  • Supermarkets
  • Retail
  • Dining establishments
  • Industrial manufacturing facilities
  • Food handling stockrooms
  • Freezer
  • Food service
  • Warehouse circulation
  • Store front doors
  • Cold spaces
  • Tidy spaces
  • Welding cubicles for trade universities as well as workshops
  • Chilled vehicles
  • Transport terminals
  • Health centers
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Industrial kitchen areas
  • Butcheries

They admit much more light, raising safety and efficiency Clear strip doors provide exceptional presence for via web traffic, which suggests no delays while doors are opened or shut and also reduced danger of crashes.

Strip doors offer bird and also flying insect control

In between the inside and also outside of your center, or between different work areas, PVC strip doors produce a barrier versus flies, pests, vermin, birds as well as other parasites. They stop them from entering your website without needing to decrease natural light as well as the performance of having an open door.All of us understand the contamination troubles which can be brought on by insects and birds - specifically in the food sector - however also numerous other industries where supply and tools is left uncovered.

Strip doors are a time tested, effective, method of environmental control in the warehouse, office, home, and even on the road. The products ability to reduce heat or cold air loss, restrict birds and insects, noise, and other nuisances has only improved over the years with greater advancements in material and hardware choices. To help you select the materials best suited to your application strip door store encourages you to give us a call at (832)736-7699 or send us an email with the get a quote button. Our trained team of strip door experts will help you determine the ideal strip door material and hardware for your application while still providing a great deal.

  • Ribbed Strips – Ideal for Moderate to Heavy Traffic, Especially Where Heavy Machinery is Operated.
  • Low Temp Strips – Ideal for Refrigerated Areas and other Food Handling Services.
  • Weld Strips – Ideal for Welding or Grinding Areas.
  • Orange Safety Strips – Ideal use for Safety Applications, in Outlining Parts of Doors that are Unsafe for Passage. Recommended as the Outer Edge Strips.
  • Replacement Strips and Additional Hardware Available.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance.

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