Automatic Sliding Doors


Automatic Sliding Doors

If you're not sure what kind of automatic door to install on your property, the installation technicians at industrial door systems have experience repairing, maintaining and installing a variety of automatic doors. When you work with our specialists, we'll take the time to learn about your business' needs before recommending the best door for you. Choose from our attractive touchless sliding door solutions that will make the entrances at your facility more convenient and secure. Hotels, Restaurants, Senior Living, Schools, Retail and More.

The best automatic sliding door systems for security, convenience and style: Our automatic sliding doors are designed to provide security and aesthetics. From glass entry doors to overhead designs, our products will create a welcoming and secure entrance at your facility. We look forward to your business! Our commercial automatic doors can be installed in a wide variety of settings. Choose the solution that's right for your facility! We offer a full range of modern, industrial-style automatic and manual sliding doors that will help you create a safe, attractive entrance to your business.

Automatic sliding doors have flat glass panels that slide horizontally and linearly. While there are several unique configurations of automatic sliding doors, most modern models include sensors, control mats and even safety signage to display near your doors.Automatic Sliding doors mechanically separates the interior and exterior of buildings that improve noise control. Features include hands-free access, ease-of-operation, and automatic door tracking to reduce maintenance. Uses include, office spaces, hospitals, classrooms, libraries, manufacturing facilities, just to name a few.

We are proud to introduce our latest automatic sliding door system to quietly open and close with minimal effort. Safe, quiet and perfect for commercial and institutional applications. Our latest product offering meets our customers’ needs for acoustic isolation, along with the added benefit of easy, hands-free access. Available with a variety of options allowing for flexibility in design and operation.

Our sliding door system provides seamless convenience and maximum performance. Easily operated by adults, children and the elderly. Provides convenient, hands-free access to any room in your office.Available with economical floor-mounted automation for low-profile accessibility, Optional Touch lock keyed control prevents accidental opening from outside. Our sliding doors provide beautiful styling, sound absorption, and security with an optional panic bar and contactless smartcard readers.

The standard slide-door track is a heavy-duty extruded aluminum channel that meets ADA requirements for accessible doors. The logic controller has a built-in proximity switch so the door only opens if the person is standing in front of it. A safety release allows anyone to open it from either side. A sound choice for automated door solutions: Our automatic sliding door system is the perfect solution for your hotel, restaurant, retail or office. The modular design makes it easy to retrofit in new and existing spaces with minimal disruption. The acoustical barrier option provides the necessary privacy and isolation from the noise of adjoining areas or pathways.

Overhead concealed sliding door

Automatic Sliding doors or more directly, overhead concealed sliding door systems open a new world of possibilities for design and function. An overhead sliding door, which is designed to close flush with the wall, can seamlessly blend into almost any environment. The first point of contact between the home and customer is luxurious instead of abrupt, producing a welcoming and informative entryway.

Beautiful, Durable and Flexible: The overhead concealed sliding door system creates an expansive and welcoming entryway, ideal for new construction and suitable for retrofit. Featuring attractive aesthetics and robust performance as well as decrease energy costs while increasing customer comfort. They even help protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Overhead sliding doors is a cost-effective energy-saving solution for many building types, including offices, schools, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels and hospitals. Automatic overhead concealed sliding door system includes two rotating leaf’s and one fixed leaf. The bolt of the rotating leaf runs in the fixing leaf groove track inside the guide rail independently without friction during its rotation; at the same time, the upper and lower bearing plates at both sides are connected with rubber damping device to absorb vibration.

Doors slide effortlessly overhead to open and our wide range of glazing options can transform an ordinary shop into a showroom of dazzling displays. Designed and manufactured in the USA, our award-winning overhead concealed doors are a more elegant alternative to traditional swinging doors.We believe that a successful business is one that delivers more than its customer expect and that begins with taking care of the details, Automatic sliding doors conceal the entire door system, and reduce the wind load onto the building structure while increasing energy efficiency.

Dramatically improve the flow of customer traffic with automatic sliding doors at your storefront. It involves the creation of a new door system your store, with three self-supporting transparent panels that slide into the ceiling. The automatic doors reduce risks of personal injury or illness to children and improve the safety of your establishment for both employees and customers.

Surface Mount sliding doors

Surface mount sliding door: Surface-Mount Sliding Doors can be used with a wide range of materials including wood, hollow metal and stainless steel. They are also easy to retrofit into existing structures. Used for buildings with heavy pedestrian traffic or where easy accessibility is required as were applicable for the Americans with Disabilities Act (A.D.A).

These automatic sliding doors require virtually no modifications to existing architectural features or building structure and bring a new sense of elegance to your commercial entrances. Our products are designed to achieve energy efficiency. They are very quiet with no direct sunlight outside. Designed to retrofit into pre-existing structures and applications, extremely versatile product allowing unobstructed views without adapting existing walls.

Telescoping sliding doors

Automatic Telescopic sliding doors are ideally suited to below grade, narrow access applications or where space is confined. By incorporating an additional leaf with the twin door telescopic option, a clear opening of 30% greater width can be achieved which is ideal for spaces that have little available clearance both sides of the door opening.

Telescopic doors typically incorporate two active leaves, a fixed leaf at the rear and a telescopic or retractable active leaf situated in front. Industrial door systems Houston, expertise and experience to deliver the highest quality service and products. If you have any questions regarding our services or products, feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members. We are always happy to help!

Clean Room Sliding door

A clean room is defined as a controlled environment with a constant level of low dust particles, high air filtration, and low humidity. All of these measures keep a clean room free from contaminants or particulates in the air, which helps prevent damage to sensitive equipment and space. And since the room is so secure, personnel must enter and exit through an airlock entryway aided by an automatic door. Clean Room sliding door package provides visibility.

A complete clean room solution: Automatic doors provide a useful function in clean room environments, increasing productivity and improving safety of transporting delicate and expensive equipment. Clean Room sliding door package separates work process areas and provides convenience, reliability and protection for new construction or existing environments. Entry Controlled on all four sides Customizable glass design Including installation Wash down ability.

Clean Room Sliding door Package, our clean room sliding door with glass panels: single-leaf sliding door and bi-folding wall, are all standard. These doors are available in several configurations and are suitable for many different applications. Clean rooms have long been used to protect sensitive equipment from contaminants, but modern clean room technology extends far beyond high-tech environments where semiconductor chips are made: clean rooms are now more important than ever in countless industries, from air travel to pharmaceuticals.

Hurricane Resistant sliding door

We provide hurricane resistant automatic doors with an array of options to meet all your needs in specifying, installing and owning hurricane rated sliding doors. We build a stronger door and an array of options to meet all your needs in designing, installing and owning a hurricane rated sliding door.

Best quality hurricane resistant doors. Sliding hurricane doors are made of high quality aluminium for strength and durability, offering years of dependable performance. Hurricane resistant sliding doors give you a safe, secure, hurricane resistant door when you need it most. Certified to meet a wide range of wind load levels by nationally accredited testing labs.

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