Security Shutters put off the potential intruder from even attempting to target your property leaving the intruder to choose another easier property.

    Security Shutters are manufactured from foam filled aluminum slats.

    This makes them extremely strong, whilst being extremely light as well as rust free.

    Rolling up into a discreet box when not in use, you would hardly even know the Security Shutters were there.

    With a huge range of colors and styles, you can ensure that a perfect match for your property can be achieved when they are displayed.

    Industrial Door and Dock Shutters are easy to operate with manual and automatic options available.

    Manually operated Shutters are controlled by pulling or releasing a cord.

    Electric Shutters are controlled by a motor and at the press of a button you can protect your entire house.

    As well as the security aspect, Security Shutters from Industrial Door and Dock offer excellent insulation from the cold and heat, also acting as fantastic room shade devices. Keeping unwanted sounds from entering your home is another, often underestimated, benefit to owning Security Shutters.