Rolling Steel Door / Overhead Door


Rolling Steel Door / Overhead Door

Our specialty here at Industrial Door SystemsTexas, is in providing our customers with high quality solutions for a range of door and dock applications, and selling, delivering, installing, maintaining and repairing them as and when needed. With such a comprehensive selection of products, we believe you’ll find exactly what you need when you come to us, and with most of our solutions 100% customizable, there’s no need to look elsewhere. And having served our customers for more than twenty years.

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we have built up a vast array of knowledge and have a wealth of experience at our fingertips, and are proud to share it all with you, our valued customers.

So much more than just a shop that sells door and loading dock solutions, we can actually provide you with a range of quality services that enable you to maintain your existing products better, and receive swift and professional repairs should any of your door or dock solutions break down or begin to underperform.

Rolling steel or overhead doors have consistently proven popular among many of our customers for use in commercial settings, and with our extensive range, you’ll find an affordable solution to match your needs, guaranteed.

What is a rolling steel or overhead door?

A rolling steel or overhead door consists of many horizontal slats that are hinged together, and the door is raised to open it, and lowered to close it, either manually or with a motorized action, which is preferable on larger doors that are heavier. Providing excellent protection against wind, rain, fire and theft, they are a popular choice for those business owners looking for an efficient and affordable commercial door solution.

Ideal for situations in which side room is limited, rolling steel doors require minimal headroom above the opening, and combine strength and durability. They can be used both internally and externally, are made of a solid construction to help ensure longevity, and can be customized to suit individual specifications.

What are the benefits of rolling steel/overhead doors?
Excellent insulating properties

Perhaps the primary benefit of a rolling steel door is the level of insulation it provides, and this is because the door is made of metal and foam; helping to reduce your energy bills while functioning consistently well.

Unbeatable protection and security

You want your business to be as safe and secure as it can possibly be, and with an insulated steel rolling door, you get the very best protection that a door can give. Offering heavy-duty protection, they make it next to impossible for intruders to infiltrate, and can keep your premises, employees and goods safe from harm at all times.

Minimizing noise pollution

Every business can perform its function better if it doesn’t have to compete with external noise pollution, and with a steel rolling door, noise can be greatly reduced, providing a much more comfortable and productive working environment for your employees. Commercial steel rolling doors seal everything, including the edges, keeping out not only sound waves, but other external pollutants as well.

Reducing maintenance

Because steel rolling doors are so h3 and durable, they require minimal maintenance, however, should you somehow damage the door, they are easy to replace. Able to withstand harsh weather conditions such as hail, snow and wind, they are also highly rust resistant. With components that afford protection against all sorts of damage that might occur during opening and closing, steel rolling doors come with corner guards, bottom bars and spring coatings, all designed to make it last longer and reduce maintenance.

Long lifespan

When fitted and installed professionally, rolling steel doors have an incredibly long lifespan, and when you use a quality paint and primer on your door, it will look as good as new for longer, too. Simply put, steel rolling doors are a sound investment, and will continue to protect your business for many years to come.

100% Customizable

Whatever the size of the entrance you need to fill, steel rolling doors can be adjusted to suit the exact dimensions, and can be customized to suit your style requirements, too.

Our rolling steel/overhead doors

Automated using h3 and reliable drive technology, our rolling steel doors have a manual override in the event of a power outage, and is both silent and compact. With an endless choice of customizable options, our rolling steel doors can enhance or blend in with their surroundings as required. Available as insulated and non-insulated rolling steel doors, they are perfect for use in industrial, warehouse and loading dock environments, and are energy efficient, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. Customizable to fit any size of opening, they are a great space saving option.

Our values and work ethics

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