The revolving door is most often thought of today, if at all, in connection to the various forms of workplace-related dread it has come to be associated with.

    As metaphoric short-hand it's a stand-in for conflicts-of-interest, matters of ethical oversight, and corruption.

    The revolving door has, of course, not always been saddled with such negative connotations.

    There was a time, not so very long ago, when it was a shining symbol of modern man's ingenuity- evidence of an energized drive toward the future.

    Yet surprisingly, even in the glow of the revolving door's youth, when it was being enthusiastically installed in buildings the world over, few people were aware of its true origins.

    And… well, that's about as far as their interest in the subject goes.

    Some commonly known benefits about industrial door and dock and his revolving door include:

  • It is perfectly noiseless.
  • It effectually prevents the entrance of, snow, rain or dust.
  • It cannot be blown open by the wind.
  • It excludes street noise.
  • Persons can pass both in and out at the same time.
  • It prevents a direct path between the interior and exterior of a structure, making it useful as a partial airlock, minimizing heat-loss.