Revolving Door


Manual and Automatic Revolving doors

Automatic revolving doors are activated by an electric door operator, while manual revolving door wings are pushed by the visitor. The main benefit of an automatic revolving door is that the door starts rotating and opening moment a guest approaches it, which allows a quick and easy entrance. The same applies to manual revolving doors although they require the user to take some initial action (push the door wing) before starting to rotate.

Automatic revolving doors can be opened mechanically or by using a button which can be positioned anywhere inside or outside the door. Manual revolving doors are suitable when it is necessary to hold the door open for longer periods of time, which is why they are commonly used in hotels and shopping centers.

The great thing is that you do not need to choose between automatic and manual revolving doors. You can combine both solutions into your new door; or if you decide to install an automatic revolving door, for example, with a stop button you can add a manual pivot as a back-up in case of malfunction. Also, the motorized versions are easy to handle and quite safe as they come with electric safety locks.

Manual revolving door

Manual revolving door combines compact size with simple and ergonomic operation. Manual revolving door provides a premiere option for customers with pedestrian traffic who want a compact, low-energy revolving door without compromising on quality. Equipped with features that benefit both users and business owners, it is an ideal choice for even pedestrian flow. Manual revolving door is an ideal option for customers with pedestrian traffic who want a compact, low-energy revolving door without compromising on quality. Equipped with features that benefit both users and business owners, it is an ideal choice for even the busiest of locations.

A premier option for businesses with pedestrian traffic, it provides a efficient and low cost revolving door without sacrificing quality. The manually operated door is made to accommodate multiple users and hold up under heavy traffic conditions. From the construction quality to the durable hinges and mechanisms, every Manual Revolving Door delivers superb performance at a great value.

The Manual Revolving door offers a full glass entry for maximum visibility. It is great for traffic paths that involve carts or vehicles where side-mount revolving doors may be a safety hazard. It is also the most cost-effective option of all of the available types of revolving doors and provides sturdy, long-lasting revolving door service at an affordable cost.

Manual revolving doors provide an economical and user-friendly option to choose from, especially for businesses seeking to save on energy costs. Expected to last for decades, they are highly durable and require minimal maintenance. Manual revolving doors provide a safe passage for both users and store owners hence, making them a prime determinant of overall brand image.

Automatic Revolving door

Our automatic and security revolving doors feature superior design, convenience and aesthetics for any entrance need. Whether you are looking for a solution for energy efficiency or convenience, architectural appeal, or all three, we can help. Our revolving doors offer fire protection and security, when you want them to. Choose your automatic door from the company that brings you the best in quality and service at a price to fit your budget.

Automatic revolving doors protect people, property and provide easy access for people with disabilities. Visitors will feel safe knowing that entering secured areas is a breeze. The door’s unique design also frees up floor space at the entrance while enhancing its aesthetic appearance and convenience. Automatic revolving doors, represent an attractive solution to reduce manpower and improve traffic flow in stores, shopping malls, offices and casinos among other buildings, while providing safety, durability, energy savings and ease of use. Flat panels eliminate or hide gaps and give an attractive appearance to building entrances. Robotic doors can be computer controlled allowing large openings in a minimum amount of time.

We offer a wide selection of high-quality automatic revolving doors that are designed to satisfy the needs of a broad range of commercial properties, from train stations, hospitals and hotels to shopping centers, office buildings, and airports. We can easily accommodate a variety of architectural styles and sizes to fit any building and entranceway. With the option to choose from either our energy-efficient induction motor or our secure safety system (which is capable of halting the door if anything is detected).

We have offered automatic revolving door solutions in the past and we remain actively engaged in the industry. Our top priority is customer satisfaction. Automatic doors have built in sensors that identify when someone approaches or leaves the door, allowing it to be opened at exactly the right time to prevent wind pressure from harming pedestrians or being forced open by an unruly crowd.

Manual / Automatic Revolving door repair service

Many times, business owners become flustered when having troubles with their revolving doors. Got a door that simply won’t budge no matter what you do? What about that squeaky sound that’s been scaring customers away? Fret not, since that’s what we’re here for. Our revolving door services in Houston, Texas cover all kinds and sizes of revolving doors. We can fix all kinds of problems revolving doors.

Our revolving door services include installation, maintenance, and repair services. With our revolving door services, you get more than just a one-time fix –you can be certain that you will have a properly functioning and well-maintained revolving door that will serve you for many years to come.

We’ve been in business for a long time, servicing hundreds if not thousands of revolving door operators for business owners and property managers throughout the area. We’ve pretty much seen it all and done it all, so there’s nothing you should be worried about anymore. Whether your door is tied to the electrical system of your building or simply requires a service call, we can promise you that we’ll have you back up and running in no time.

We are a full service revolving door repair and installation in Houston Texas. Call us 24/7 at Phone: (832)736-7699 for any revolving door repairs or maintenance!

  • It is perfectly noiseless.
  • It effectually prevents the entrance of, snow, rain or dust.
  • It cannot be blown open by the wind.
  • It excludes street noise.
  • Persons can pass both in and out at the same time.
  • It prevents a direct path between the interior and exterior of a structure, making it useful as a partial airlock, minimizing heat-loss.