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As a business grows, so do the challenges. And when it comes to securing your people, property and brand equity, making sure they are all safe is essential. Facilities managers can bring order and efficiency to spaces of all shapes and sizes by putting in place the right security components from individual locks to access control systems under one roof.

Let's go through the different types of retrofit products that can make your warehouse more energy efficient, durable, safe, and healthy. What makes these products "retrofit" is their ability to reduce costs, improve productivity, and increase safety for organizations by reducing risks associated with hazardous environments.

For a warehouse manager, energy efficiency, durability of materials, safety of employees and the quality of air should be on top of the list. One thing that hasn’t changed: We still have to open warehouse doors. Therefore, retrofit products and technologies for new and old doors are paramount to reducing the cost of warehousing and improving safety.

Materials have become stronger, more durable and easier to produce than ever before. And they are starting to influence retrofit in the construction industry. In fact, advanced building materials can save millions of dollars in energy costs, and make buildings more comfortable to work in.

Facility managers and the teams they lead have seen their workloads increase. This is due to the effects of aging facilities, growth in tenant populations, new site-surrounding buildings, as well as evolving threats and risks. No matter your size and no matter the challenges you’ve had in the past when it comes to security, one thing is for sure, retrofitting buildings as a facility manager has become increasingly more difficult.

It’s important to note that retrofitting does not necessarily mean making a building look more appealing. Retrofitting could be as simple as adding new lighting or updating sprinkler systems to meet fire codes. As your business grows and you need a better way to secure the ever-changing layout of your space, Retrofitting has everything you need to build a safer environment.

Many facility managers are starting to find themselves having to retrofit their facilities rather than design and build them from scratch. There are a few reasons why retrofitting is becoming more of the norm for business owners. The first is due to a facility that is staffed by an internal staff, or a partnering shared services company, with minimal or non-existent renovations experience for relatively new buildings.

Facilities designed and built by specialized companies years ago often are constructed without thought to security considerations. These companies may have been great when doing original concept designs, but rarely they bring in an expert on retrofitting structures who can look at your building with fresh eyes and make recommendations to meet today’s needs.

As space planners, facility managers and designers, it always feels like if it’s not one thing, then it’s another. Seemingly simple job requests can evolve into projects that seem to have a mind of their own. Everyone wants to secure their interests but each company has very different requirements. What they do have in common is the need for a professional and reliable partner to help turn their vision into reality by handling the details.

The complexities and challenges of retrofitting buildings has always been difficult. Retrofitting buildings requires a lot of time, money, and resources from the team. And every facility manager knows that when you’re managing a building, each day must be used to the fullest. The implementation of a new security system is a big task and it is a very wise move for facilities managers to look for help along the way. It's not easy to retrofit a property, whether it's a place of work or a place of recreation. Though, with the right advice and guidance plus some determination, often it's definitely possible. Retrofitting involves making your existing place of business into something else and/or improving. This guide is meant to help you navigate the ever-changing security issues faced within today’s facilities. It walks you through different points of organizational preparedness and provides information on how to maintain a proactive security plan. Helping you keep facilities secure, Retrofitting does what you want it to do. The best facilities teams know that seeking professional assistance can make any retrofit project a success

Protect Property and People

A very common retrofit for most companies is the addition of fence and access controlled gates. You need to keep your property secure, by preventing unauthorized access to the property. Fence is not only used for security reasons but also to help define property lines and to prevent people from passing through them

A perimeter retrofit with gate gives you the most control and safety. Perimeter security can be defined as the protection of the area outside of where your property meets another property. A secure perimeter can help protect your assets, employees and customers from crime. By creating a barrier around your facility, a fence and gate installation offers a physical deterrent to criminal activity.

Exterior doors

Door upgrades are not just for the brand image of your company. They protect from the elements, reduce the amount of dirt and debris that comes into your facilities. Whether they are traditional or glass doors , you can choose from a number of different types to find an upgrade that works for you. Upgrading your existing door can have many benefits, from enhancing the safety of your commercial and industrial buildings to boosting security and efficiency. Some states now require that commercial facilities install fire doors so safeguarding your building is now a legal requirement.

Interior doors

A major difference between exterior doors and interior ones is the extent of impact they have on the overall feel of a location. It’s true that once you walk through either type, you’re in a different space with new sights and sounds, but the main difference is based on the aesthetics of the doors themselves. The visual appeal of sleek, modern glass doors creates. make certain areas more secure or temperature controlled , upgrading your interior doors . increase visibility for aesthetic, control access to certain areas

Though there are numerous benefits to upgrading your facility doors, the first one comes to mind is that it will boost your brand image. This is because of how it can expand your company's prior visual impression thanks to a wide range of options for customers to choose from that fit any need and budget, which can also ultimately end up improving your business's influence on customers and employees.

It is all about helping you gain control over your facilities management. With our retrofit solutions, you will be able to build and operate low maintenance commercial buildings that help your organization save money.

We’ve learned what works best and what doesn’t. In this post we will focus on retrofit products that help make buildings energy-efficient, durable, safe, and healthy. we are leading specialists in a wide range of Internal and External doors with over thirty years experience in delivering stylish and practical solutions.

Committed to safety and security

At industrial door systems safety is in our culture. From our sales representatives to our warehouse and our field service technicians, we aim to provide our team with knowledge they need to keep job site safe for our customers and ourselves. We focus on products specifically engineered to prevent injuries due to special safety features. Our focus has made us adept at offering reliable and innovative safety solutions that help improve the quality of life for people in all industries.

We also wanted to give the reader the feeling that we care more about their safety than our sales figures. Safety is our culture and this forms the foundation of our company. Our products are engineered and tested to help you protect yourself, your coworkers as well as your sub contractors and their employees.

At industrial door systems our goal is to work injury and accident free. This is executed by our corporate EHS safety plan, commitment, leadership, open lines of communication, and continues improvement of our safety programs and procedures. We will focus on identifying and correcting any hazards found in our workplace. Every day we are exposed to numerous hazards on the jobsite. It is the responsibility of all employees to ensure that those hazards are identified and corrected before anyone is injured or an accident occurs.

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