Our innovative Knock out dock doors ensure your products aren't stopped at the loading dock! A long-term solution for loading dock safety, they are designed to withstand damage and flex upon potential impact. Loading dock doors can be a major hazard when moving products in and out of facilities. The last thing your organization needs is a failing dock door that affects efficiency and workplace productivity. Knock out dock doors provide a versatile and cost-effective solution to frequently replacing dock doors.

Save time and money – especially where safety is a concern!

There are many causes that could stop your dock door from working, especially when goods need to be shipped.

A misguided forklift or even a spring not lubricated could have significant impacts. Knock out dock doors eliminate this issue. Their versatile design allows them to be knocked out from either direction. If impacted, there is no damage to a work area. Instead the door can be reset by simply opening and closing the Knock out dock door. This ability allows product to keep moving, improving efficiency and productivity.

Knock out doors are easy to operate and consistent. There are no wearing parts, so the operation isn't affected if it gets hit or damaged. This ensures employees can use the system and avoid workers fatigue (something that's normally associated with sectional doors that are hard to operate).

These systems save energy and offer long-term sealing configurations. With a polypropylene brush, they provide better insulation and heat flow. They are an ideal choice for food and cold storage applications.

Knock out dock doors eliminate side gaps that can occur from faulty rubber seals which wear overtime. In addition to their energy saving capabilities, they also increase the efficiency of a building's refrigeration and heating systems by reducing load requirements during peak hours.

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