Insulated Door


Insulated Door

Houstons number one, premier industrial door providers and installers, Industrial Door Systems have been keeping the wonderful people of Houston, TX, satisfied for more than two decades, and we have absolutely no plans on slowing down, whatsoever! With our reliable, professional and affordable service, our customers can depend upon us to supply them with a range of door solutions that will meet their exacting requirements, and which will last them for many years to come.

Because we consistently offer competitive prices coupled with high quality products and service, customers continue to rate us highly, and as we improve upon our skills and gain more and more experience, we know you’ll be even more impressed by what we can offer you today.

Below is just a small selection of the products we are currently offering:

  • Dock and door
  • Sectional door
  • Rolling door
  • Pedestrian door
  • Fire rated door
  • Vertical sliding fire door
  • Horizontal sliding fire door
  • Bumper impact door
  • Insect door
  • Telescoping door
  • Aluminum glass
  • Store front door
  • Counter shutter
  • Security shutter
  • Insulated door
  • Wind loaded door
  • Rolling steel/overhead door

Our comprehensive range of commercial, insulated doors continue to be a popular choice for many of our customers.

What are the advantages of insulated doors?

Insulated doors offer many advantages in a commercial setting, and below are just some of them:

Lowering your energy bills

When there are no drafts letting the heat or cold in and out, your energy bills are automatically going to be reduced, and with a consistent, comfortable temperature inside your premises, your valuables and goods will not be negatively affected in any way. Aside from your goods, your employees will benefit from the comfortable working temperature, too, and are much more likely to perform well while at work.

Keeping out unwanted noise

A quieter, more peaceful environment inside your commercial or industrial premises is better for everyone, as noise pollution is one of the main distractions for the average worker today, and can also make for an uncomfortable working environment.

Offering you more durability

An insulated door is stronger and more durable than one that isn’t insulated, and is far less likely to be damaged. Not only can an insulated door protect your premises from the damaging effect of high winds, but burglars are easier to prevent, too. With a durable, insulated door, it will also continue to look tidy and presentable as the years go by.

Preserving the mechanical components

Maintenance costs can be greatly reduced with an insulated door, since the mechanical components are better protected, and the interior of the door will never rust.

Our insulated doors

Insulated steel doors typically outlast their wooden and fiberglass counterparts by a minimum of a decade, and offer much better insulation advantages, too. Not only that, but our insulated steel doors are more resistant to acts of vandalism, come in a range of fire rated options, and are of course, more energy efficient due to their insulating properties. Affordable, durable, and energy efficient and with much higher levels of protection, our insulated doors are the ideal solution for a number of door needs.

At Industrial Door Systems, our commercial insulated doors are made using a hollow metal shell that is then reinforced with insulation, and each one is tested to ensure that it meets the stringent guidelines of the steel door institute, as well as the UL (Underwriters Laboratory), NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and ASTM.

The properties of insulated materials are affected by thermal resistance and conductivity, and insulated doors will come with an R-value, indicating their level of thermal resistance. The higher the level of thermal resistance, the less heat is lost, while conductivity indicates the materials ability to transfer or conduct heat.


The material we use in our insulated doors

Known for its excellent insulating properties, polyethylene combines isocyanate with a polyol blend, creating a blend of cellular foam material. With high thermal resistance and low conductivity, our insulated doors will provide you with a comfortable temperature inside your premises while helping to reduce your energy bills, too.

So, if you want to create a comfortable working environment for your employees, reduce your energy bills and keep your goods and products stored efficiently, you should definitely consider having insulated doors installed. To know more about our insulated doors, or any of the door solutions in our fantastic range, please do call our friendly team today, or complete an online inquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Aside from selling, delivering and installing a range of affordable door and dock solutions, we also offer a number of other services available to customers in and around Houston:

  • 24/7 Emergency service
  • Fire door testing/certifying
  • Commercial/industrial door service and retrofit
  • Commercial motor operator repair
  • Commercial slat/panel repair
  • Commercial door repair
  • Industrial door spring repair
  • Commercial parking garage door repair

Our values and work ethics:

Our values and work ethics are extremely important to us, and our aim is to always provide our customers with an outstanding, unbeatable service that they can rely upon. It doesn’t matter the size of the task, how urgently it’s required or how complex the requirement may be, we are here for you whenever you need us, and can help you whatever your needs may be.

Popular counter shutter options

Here at Industrial Door Solutions, we know that without you, our valued and loyal customers, we are nothing, and we simply wouldn’t be the successful and innovative company that we are today, without you all. We value you just as much as we value our business, and are as passionate about our work as we are about providing the ultimate customer experience.

Extremely knowledgeable within our field, we believe it’s our duty to share that knowledge with you, and to enable you to gain from our wealth of experience and the many qualifications we’ve and skills we’ve gained during our two decades of service in Houston and beyond.

Using only the highest quality materials, and with all team members undergoing frequent skills and knowledge assessments, we are constantly doing everything within our power to remain the company of choice for our existing, loyal customers, and are routinely excited and keen to begin serving more new customers than ever before.

So, for all your door needs, including our counter shutters, make us your company of choice and we promise we will never disappoint you, Give us a Call now Phone: (832)736-7699 We are available 24/7 365 days day or night.