Insect Barrier Door


Insect Barrier Door

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Our range of insect barrier doors are a popular choice among many of our customers, and below we look at them in a little more detail:

What is an insect barrier door?

The single most effective method for keeping any facility, large or small, free from bugs while helping to increase airflow, an insect barrier door provides you with a breathable barrier between the outside and inside. Employees can benefit from the air being circulated, while not having to battle with mosquitoes or flies, which can also create a health and safety concern depending upon the goods being stored or worked on within.

Could your business benefit from insect barrier doors?

Insect barrier doors are so much more than just a convenient way to prevent unwanted bugs from entering your facility, they also help to boost employee morale by providing them with a more comfortable working environment.

In many areas of the country, employees leave doors open when the weather is fine, which is understandable and often encouraged, but it almost always leads to a problem with insects and even birds entering the premises, which can not only irritate employees, but present a health and safety hazard for your business, too.

So, if you would like your employees to continue to have access to fresh air and daylight while they work, but want to prevent insects, birds and even rodents from entering the building, an insect door would definitely prove advantageous.

Our insect barrier doors

In response to the above-mentioned concerns, Industrial Door Systems have created a range of insect barrier doors that allow air to flow into the building while harmful elements are blocked out. Offering fantastic shade, our screen doors reduce radiant heat – which benefits your employees and the goods stored inside – and are ideal for use in a variety of applications.

With three styles of insect barrier doors, the right one for you will depend upon the facility in which they will be used, and if you’re not sure, you can simply call up a member of our friendly team and they’ll talk you through your options:

  • Powered roll-up - Typically used on ground level doorways handling powered vehicles like forklifts and carts, these particular doors can open swiftly to minimize the exposure of the doorway and enable the smoother and faster passage of traffic.
  • Spring assisted roll-up - Similar to large window shades, these have a spring assisted rolling mechanism that works by pulling on the bottom of the door; pull it down and it stays shut. These doors are also able to stop at certain points along the track, and are typically used on dock doors. If the weather is fine, the solid door panel can be kept up, and generally speaking, the less the door is used, the less maintenance the tension springs will require. When a truck pulls away from the dock, the screen door can then be lowered into position.
  • Manual slide - This style of insect barrier door slides open and is perfect for use in pedestrian traffic doorways. Guided by a solid leading edge, the door compresses into a solid bundle.

For the ultimate in doorway protection, our insect barrier doors offer the following basic features:

  • Heavy-duty mesh curtains that resist tear, rot, mildew and are UV resistant.
  • Double stitched curtain seams to prevent separation during everyday usage.
  • Even tiny insects should not be able to pass through any openings in the scrim
  • Including a double baffle under the valance and a sweep gasket along the bottom of the door, our insect barrier doors afford a tight seal around the full perimeter. On our roll-up styles, the guide track encloses the rollers.
  • Heavy-duty tension springs give a smooth opening motion, and on our powered roll-up doors, garage roller-style wheels are part of the door support system, to help drive frictional load.
  • Curtain stiffeners that are stiff and unbreakable are provided on roll-up style doors to prevent the curtain from coming out of the guides during high winds.
  • Our powered roll-up insect barrier doors have a break-away feature to help prevent the curtain from tearing if it’s struck by a vehicle.

To know more about our insect barrier doors, do browse our online catalog for full details, or give our team a call, today.


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