ICU / CCU Manual Doors


Manual ICU / CCU doors

Industrial door systems Houston, ICU/CCU sliding doors are engineered to maximize space and flexibility in patient rooms while maintaining a sense of safety. They require minimal maintenance, and are available in manual or automatic configuration. The ICU/CCU sliding door allows for a free flow of traffic in the corridor, but it’s also discreet in appearance to fit in with the design of your space. The smooth, silent sliding motion creates a better experience for patients and staff.

ICU doors have been engineered to accommodate the specific needs of intensive and cardiac care units (ICU/CCU). This means that when it comes to air infiltration and “infection control”, our ICU doors have been designed specifically to reduce germs from spreading. In case of fire, this door is ideal because it doesn’t require an air conditioning system, giving maximum safety to the patient.

Our ICU/CCU doors are carefully designed to protect your patients, staff, and visitors. We make sure that you have a wide range of options so you can get the right sliding door for your facility’s needs. Produced by a team of in - patient care experts, our sliding doors are the best in the industry. We put your patients first. Lets be honest. You’ve got enough to think about without worrying about how your sliding doors will affect your patient care. Our ICU/CCU doors were designed with your patients in mind. We make sure that you have a wide range of options so you can get the right door for your facility’s needs.

Our sliding doors are constructed with durability in mind so you can get the most out of your investment. Every ICU door we make is designed with your patients in mind. Our ICU/CCU doors protect everyone inside your facility while seamlessly blending in with the rest of your space. Wrap your mind around the certified energy savings that come from our ICU/CCU sliding doors. With up to an R-18 insulating value and integrated sound isolation, you’ll be taking care of any comfort issues in your patients or employees.

ICU Manual Sliding doors are engineered for Intensive Care Units: ICU Manual Sliding doors must meet the strictest requirements of U.S. hospitals for fire, air infiltration and infection control. No other door is engineered specifically for these demanding environments. Our ICU/CCU sliding doors have high-impact, thermally broken frames clad in top grade aluminum composite materials, as well as an insulating value of R-3. (Other manufacturers offer insulation of R-2.) Our doors feature a wide range of options and accessories that help provide optimal performance for each project.

No matter the application or situation, we provide innovative solutions that elevate performance in the ICU , CCU or any other space where patients are treated. Helping hospitals and mortuaries reduce infection and save lives: We believe that ICU doors should be equipped with a Ingress Control Package to meet the specific needs of intensive care units.

Our ICU/CCU sliding doors are built for convenience, safety, and efficiency. Pulling a sliding door open makes it easy to wheel in equipment or supplies. The insulated frames also protect both patients and staff from cold or heat. And with an NFPA-101 compliant frame design, our sliding doors securely lock healthcare workers inside or outside of a room, depending on the situation.

Our air infiltration package, a combination of HVAC technology and an innovative door, incorporates air exchangers and coolers with latent heat sterilization technology (patent pending) to reduce the possibility of airborne infection by microorganisms in high-risk environments. This unique combination of products include medical-grade air filters.

Our ICU/CCU sliding doors are engineered for your comfort, providing the optimum level of insulation. Not only are energy savings assured by our high R-value rating, but you’ll benefit from reduced electrical costs and increased patient comfort. Our ICU/CCU sliding doors have been engineered for the demands of the Intensive Care Unit & Cardiac Care Unit. They are clad in high-impact aluminum composite material and an insulating value of R-3. This offers an increased resistance to thermal decay, improving patient comfort and minimizing energy costs.

We’ll help you maximize space, your energy budget, and patient comfort with our ICU/CCU sliding doors. If our sliding doors are standard in your intensive care unit and common areas, you’ll experience the benefits of reliable operation, extremely low maintenance costs, and lasting performance over time.

ICU/CCU door Repairs

Having your ICU and CCU doors fixed quickly is a necessity when they go wrong. Thankfully, we can provide you with an immediate mobile service that is easy-to-use and highly affordable. Call us today to book a fast solution to your manual sliding door problems. The ICU and CCU are a critical part of many hospitals. They are crucial for the health and safety of the patients who rely on them to provide oxygen, monitor breathing, and provide a clean environment inside of the hospital room. We understand that these doors must be maintained to provide the maximum level of security and safety.

Our technicians are A.A.AD.M Certified, and Cutting Edge Equipment: Our technicians are among the most certified in the industry, with just about every certification and qualification. Additionally, we fully stock our vehicles! We provide companies of all sizes with solutions. We make adjustments to speed, assure functionality, safety, lube and adjust, check for loose screws, sensors and safety decals. Doors are inspected to current ANSI safety standards. Our technicians evaluate the condition of the door operation, weather seals, bottom sweeps, controller and motor operation, rollers guides and tracks, then make recommendations or repairs.

When manual sliding doors fail to close or when they no longer function correctly, it is important to find a reliable solution. People shouldn’t have to worry about opening and closing a heavy door every time, especially in a place like a hospital where there is always the possibility of people rushing in last minute. That’s why ICU and CCU doors are so valuable. Rest assured knowing that you will continue to be able to function. We have a team of experienced technicians that are always on call to fix any issue you may have with ICU and CCU doors. Call us anytime you need a certified ICU and CCU repair technician in your area.

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