As such the entry to a hotel or restaurant is a mobility hotspot that forms the gateway to hospitality; a place where you can relax and recharge.

    Conversely to most mobility hotspots, such as airports or corporate buildings, in which the aim is to separate and channel different flows of visitors into different directions, the entry to a hotel or restaurant is about bringing people together.

    The door in the entrance to a hotel or restaurant plays an important role in maintaining a comfortable climate in the entry or lobby.

    With visitors entering and leaving the hotel all day long, maintaining a comfortable temperature inside is challenging as every time a traditional sliding or swinging door opens, the conditioned inside air is let out, causing unpleasant draughts.

    The always open, always closed principle of a revolving door can help prevent these draughts as well as help keep out noise and dust to ensure nothing detracts from the atmosphere that you are creating in your lobby.

    The look and feel of the entrance is equally important in achieving the goals of the mobility hotspot that is the hotel or restaurant entry or lobby. An entry's design should reflect the brand and strategy of the hotel or restaurant and tell the visitor what they can expect: a vintage door for the historic hotel, a modern and trendy look for a design hotel and a comfortable and peaceful feel for a boutique hotel.

    Hotel and restaurant doors we service:

  • Front Entrance doors, Lobby Doors
  • Bumper doors
  • Service counter doors and security grilles
  • Cold storage doors
  • Fire-rated doors
  • Steel exit doors