Horizontal Sliding Fire Door


Horizontal Sliding Fire Door

At Industrial Door Systems, we are proud to offer our customers a comprehensive and professional range of high-quality solutions for many door and dock applications. Not only can we supply you with premium, safety tested products, but we also deliver, install, maintain and repair them as and when needed. With such a huge, unbeatable selection of products, we believe you’ll find exactly what you need when you come to us, and with most of our solutions being 100% customizable, we can guarantee to find you a solution that you can work with, and which will continue performing fantastically well for you, for many years to come. Quite simply, there’s no need to look elsewhere for your door and dock solutions. Below is just a small selection of the products we are currently offering:

  • Dock and door
  • Sectional door
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  • Pedestrian door
  • Fire rated door
  • Vertical sliding fire door
  • Horizontal sliding fire door
  • Bumper impact door
  • Insect door
  • Telescoping door
  • Aluminum glass
  • Store front door
  • Counter shutter
  • Security shutter
  • Insulated door
  • Wind loaded door
  • Rolling steel/overhead door

What is a fire rated door?

Fire rated doors, sometimes referred to as fire-resistant doors are constructed in a way so as to slow down, or prevent, the spread of fire and smoke. Often made from gypsum or metal, they are heavy and when installed properly, should not combust during a certain time frame in an average fire. Time ratings do vary, but in general, standard ratings should include 20 to 90-minute doors. More common in commercial buildings than in residences, they are often seen in public buildings, office buildings and rooms such as dormitories.

How can fire rated door help during a fire?

While not completely fireproof, fire rated doors can significantly slow or even prevent the spread of fire and smoke; resisting heat and flame penetration enough to slow a fire for a specified time period. By containing fire and smoke, individuals inside are afforded more time to safely exit the building. The importance of reducing smoke inhalation is often overlooked or underestimated, however, most people who lose their lives in residential fires do so due to excessive smoke inhalation. The installation of a fire rated door also helps to protect the building and any personal assets, while firefighters work to put the fire out as quickly as they can.

Do you need fire rated doors?

Let’s face it, fire is a very real threat to any business, and reducing the risk of a fire spreading throughout a commercial building is always going to be a priority. Not only that, but some building regulations stipulate that fire rated doors are required for key areas in both residential and commercial buildings, and if you’re found not to be in compliance with these, then you could face big penalties or even closure.

A professionally installed fire rated door is not the same as other types of commercial doors, and can reduce or halt the spread of fire through your property; protecting your assets, employees, business and livelihood. There is also a chance that smoke and toxic gases may be released in the event of a fire, and these can quickly spread throughout a building and cause pervasive, irreparable damage to both goods and people. Aside from the obvious advantages when it comes to offering fire protection, fire rated doors also provide you with an enhanced level of security, as they are built to be much tougher and more durable than other commercial doors.

In short, if you have a business that you want to protect, you should consider installing fire rated doors for the higher level of fire and security protection they offer.

What is a horizontal sliding fire door?

Designed to separate fire areas within a building, or to protect exit ways in the event of a fire, horizontal sliding fire doors can help to limit the spread of a fire. Typically comprised of large steel panels that are hung by steel rollers on an inclined rail or track, they are extremely useful in a wide variety of spaces where traffic flow of plants, equipment, people, vehicles and machinery is heavy, creating the need for a larger opening.

Suitable for a range of residential, commercial and industrial applications, they are ideal for use where a conventional side-hung door isn’t practicably feasible. Usually kept open and only closed in the event of a fire, it’s necessary for them to be linked to an emergency system that is automatically activated if a fire, smoke or warning system is triggered.

Why choose our horizontal sliding fire doors?

Made from the highest quality fire rated materials, our horizontal sliding doors offer the ultimate in fire protection and convenience for buildings where space is either at a premium, or not of a conventional dimension. Ideal for helping to create a division between medium and large locations, the absence of any rotating obstructions makes our horizontal sliding fire doors perfect for use in industrial and commercial warehouses, depots, hospitals and many more settings.

Our single or double leaf horizontally sliding fire doors can be used to their advantage in reduced spaces and can be fitted with a motor, and with or without a pedestrian door.

With no standard measurements, these particular doors can be customized to suit many different types of walls, and the sliding movement allows for ease of movement and efficiency.

Below are 3 of our most popular horizontal sliding fire doors:

  • Single leaf sliding doors – if your building has an entryway in which space is limited, or in which fire doors need to be installed in a tight corridor or similar such space, then these doors will be ideal.
  • Double or bi-parting sliding doors – if your building has doors, corridors and other passageways that are larger than standard, but in which space is still limited and hinged doors can’t be practically used, then these fire doors would work well.
  • Parallel or triple sliding doors – the perfect solution if your building is very limited on space, these triple sliding fire doors make a fantastically effective makeshift wall or divider.

Below are some of the design highlights of our horizontal sliding fire doors:

  • Available in galvanized steel, mild steel or stainless steel
  • Suitable for large openings and can cope with the heavy and continued movement of vehicles and materials
  • Fire rated for 60 and 120 minutes
  • Attractive and functional
  • Extremely robust
  • Offers acoustic sound and temperature insulation
  • Excellent pollution control
  • Offers high levels of security

To know more about our fire rated doors, or any of our door systems, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team by telephone, email or by dropping in to our shop. Here to help you find the best door and dock solutions for all your needs, we’re happy to be of assistance in whatever way we can, no matter when.

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