High-speed doors can be described as rapidly ascending and descending doors. Usually fabric or PVC made, they are used in industrial buildings and public utilities where maintaining hygiene and temperature within a building is important. They reduce energy bills, keep out draughts and contribute to optimum climate control.

    High-speed doors are typically spring less doors consisting of a door curtain, which rolls up on an electrically driven roller mounted above the opening. The door curtain is made up of a number of horizontal sections of polyester- reinforced plastic sheet. The sections are fitted with aluminum strengthening braces.

    The door curtain features a vision section made of transparent plastic at a height of between 1200 and 2200 mm from the floor.

    An aluminum bottom beam with a rubber sealing profile is fitted to the underside of the door curtain. A U-shaped profile with brush seals guides the door curtain laterally.

    All doors should be serviced regularly in accordance with approved maintenance schemes.

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