High Speed Fabric Doors


High Speed Fabric doors

High speed fabric doors combine rapid opening speeds with an advanced safety system. Designed specifically for high traffic, heavy duty, industrial and commercial applications, these high speed doors are perfect in either interior or exterior applications where moderate wind and/or negative pressure are a problem.

Interior Fabric High speed door

The interior fabric high speed rubber door have flexible bottom interior high speed door built for safety. Interior fabric high speed rubber door have flexible bottom interior high speed curtains as well flexible top interior high speed doors that offer a three point locking system for strength and safety.

Thinking about purchasing an interior fabric high speed door so you can get a more slippery surface? I have been involved in the manufacturing of interior. Neoprene is one of the materials that is widely used to make the fabric high speed door. This is due to the fact that neoprene offers strength, comfort and flexibility in the high speed rubber door because of its thermal insulation.

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that is also known as Polychloroprene. Due to its versatile properties, it makes a good material for fabric high speed doors. Thanks to the thermal insulation, safety features and versatility, Neoprene is the preferred material for many different applications within the door industry.

The neoprene material used in this fabric high speed door helps its interior to resist the harsh effects of daylight. When it comes to the flexibility, comfort, and strength, the neoprene material is able to guarantee these factors. This is because of its thermal insulation characteristics.

Interior fabric doors come with a flexible bottom that offers superior durability and flexibility. Our flexible rubber doors are designed with durability and safety in mind. They come with a flexible bottom that you can adjust to fit any door size. We offer a variety of interior fabric doors with an innovative flexible frame so you can easily position the door where it will best serve your needs.

Exterior Fabric High speed Fabric door

Exterior Fabric high speed door feature a heavier curtain material for exterior applications. independently tested for wind load up to 22.0 psf. It have bottom wind lock and articulating roller wind struts which reduces operational noise while allowing the door to withstand pressure. Exterior Fabric high speed door feature a heavier curtain material for exterior applications. The door independently tested for wind load and meet California code and create optimum shear panel flexibility for noise free operation.

Exterior Fabric high speed door was constructed with a heavy, more solid and stronger fabric than our standard line . The fabrics on this models are identical to the 6 oz materials used on our commercial doors. With a thicker curtain material and all important hardware components designed for larger doors they can handle excess weight which makes them ideal for heavy traffic areas like airports, warehouses, parking garages and other areas with heavier traffic.

If you need something that can hold up to the elements please consider Exterior Fabric high speed door. Exterior Fabric high speed door are designed for initial installation in locations with a maximum wind speed of 90 mph to 120 mph.

Our exterior fabric high speed doors are perfect for customizing your entranceway with a wide range of colors and textures made for use in exterior applications. They are perfect to significantly enhance your business image and add personality with a distinctive look that is unique to you.

Exterior Fabric High Speed doors can be used to shield against wind, rain, snow and dust. Their heavy-duty fabric exterior easily copes with getting wet. Perfect for heavy-traffic areas, exterior fabric doors are further reinforced with a thicker curtain material and designed to handle heavy loads. A variety of colors and patterns can be made to suit your taste.

Other types of specialty doors

Cold Storage doors

Freezing temperatures require cold storage doors that open and close quickly to provide a barrier in extreme environments. High speed cold storage doors operate at speeds up to 130" per second helping cold storage facilities reduces energy costs while improving material flow.

High speed Metal doors

High Speed Metal doors are perfect for commercial and high security applications where speed is important, looks are critical, traffic is frequent, and door safety concerns are paramount. This industrial door's bold sleek design adds visual appeal to any architectural environment.

Clean Room doors

With smooth, easily cleaned surfaces, our doors for clean rooms and food processing are well suited for the stringent requirements of hygienic areas. They work well in passages and as a means of closing off hygienic areas, where their rapid function helps to maintain a constant temperature.

Machine Protection doors

The safe and intuitive high speed protection series for automated processes is recognized throughout the globe as the ultimate safety barrier for separating machine operators from machine hazards. This door, with both pre-running and door line photo cells, and safety switches integrated into the side frames, has been the machine protection door of choice for automotive line builders for decades.

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