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Homeowners don’t think much about their garage door until something goes wrong. But it’s one of the most important features of your home and a good garage door will last decades, maybe even a lifetime. So it makes sense to spend a little extra time and effort making the best choice possible, and avoid cheap garage doors. Ordering a garage door over the phone or online is asking for trouble.

Every garage is a little different, and a knowledgeable salesperson will check details like opening size and shape, headroom and side clearance, and even help you make design decisions. And if something does go wrong, there won't be any question about whose fault it is.

A Smart Investment: A good garage door opens and closes smoothly, quietly. It keeps out the unexpected weather; it keeps in the heat or cool air at night. A good garage door will last decades, maybe even a lifetime. So it makes sense to spend a little extra time and effort making the best choice possible, and avoid cheap garage doors.

Avoid cheap garage doors: Don’t trust your online or over the phone garage door purchase to just anyone. Backed by over 25 years experience and a BBB A+ rating, We here to help you avoid cheap garage doors. Choose a high quality custom made door that will last you decades.

We know everything about garage doors. we sell it, and we install it. So you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting a great deal, from a knowledgeable sales rep, backed by a product warranty. We provide free estimates and are available 7 days a week to help your home.

Think you're getting the best deal on a new garage door? Think again. Here are a few reasons why: -Off-brand, cheap garage doors may look like they offer similar features and benefits, but the reality is that these things are made with cheap materials by an overseas manufacturer and usually come with no service or replacement plan.

When people complain about a broken or damaged garage door, it’s almost like they aren’t as concerned with safety as they are with getting rid of the inconvenience caused by the broken opener. Most people feel that if your garage door is not in great shape or fully functional, it’s too late to fix it. As such, many people just leave the old garage door alone. Most garage doors are susceptible to material damage, lack of maintenance and aging. Your garage door will be one of the first things that go when you move to a new house.

Wood doors

Wood doors are absolutely beautiful. But they also need to be refinished every few years. We Specialize In Solid Wood Garage Doors: The good news is, we've seen firsthand what works. We've tested the most popular finishes, and created our own custom formulas to build long-lasting doors that need less maintenance.

Unlike real wood, New wood doors are made of formaldehyde-free polymer that stays beautiful year after year. Because there's no finish to rub off, you'll never have to worry about paint or varnish again! It's the perfect choice for people who want a beautiful door without much maintenance work.

Stunning wood-look garage doors without the maintenance nightmare: Standard steel doors are inexpensive but lack visual appeal. Wood doors are gorgeous, but expensive to purchase and difficult to maintain.

You can get the look of wood for a fraction of the cost, and avoid the maintenance nightmare as well. The least expensive option is embossed steel with a faux wood-grain finish (less than $1,000). From a distance, these doors look remarkably similar to real wood. If you're willing to spend more ($2,500 and up), consider a garage door with a wood composite overlay or a fiberglass skin.

Fortunately, there's a less expensive option that looks great and requires almost no upkeep. With the right combination of high-quality materials and expert installation, you can get the look of wood for a fraction of the cost, and avoid the maintenance nightmare as well. The least expensive option is embossed steel with a faux.

Garage doors have come a long way in the last decade. Aluminum and steel doors are almost completely rust-proof, and do not require routine maintenance. Fiberglass garage doors are stronger than wood and do not require painting or staining, but cost almost $2,000 on average. Steel composite garage doors are available in wood-grained or metal patterns, and range from $800 to $4,000 and may qualify for federal tax credits.

Insulated Garage door

Polyurethane garage doors vs. Polystyrene: Buyers interested in a new garage door shouldn't rule out the option of upgrading from polystyrene to polyurethane insulation. Though polyurethane is more expensive, it is also more effective at insulating, so you may be able to make up the cost difference when you consider the energy savings associated with your annual utility bills.

Extruded polystyrene insulation has an R-value of 3.68 per inch, whereas polyurethane has an R-value of 5.24. That gives a polyurethane garage door with 3 inches of insulation a total R-value of 16.08. A 3-inch door would have an R-value of 8.64. The extra money you spend getting the polyurethane insulation provides better insulating value:

Polyurethane insulated garage doors are made of two layers of foam, one on the inside and one on the outside, separated by a sturdy layer of polystyrene. Polyurethane foam is better at insulating than EPS (extruded polystyrene), so you'll likely spend less money to heat or cool your garage when using a door with this insulation.

Insulating garage doors: Garage door insulation is often overlooked. It's usually the first overlooked step to saving an extra 10-15% on heating and cooling costs. At Industrial door systems we're firm believers that upgrading to polyurethane is a win-win situation.

Garage door springs

Springs are what help your garage door go up easily and come down slowly. Most garage doors use torsion springs. You can usually see these coiled torsion springs above the door. Standard torsion springs are rated for about 10,000 cycles. That may sound like a lot, but if you open and close your door six times a day, which is pretty average, you'll reach 10,000 cycles in less than five years.

Garage door Springs and Hardware If your door is older, it might have extension spring hinges or a cone-and-follower assembly instead of torsion springs. Turn your attention to the door tracks and the rollers on the bottom and top rails. Gears on the tracks pull the springs and lift the door when you open it. Rollers help the track move smoothly over weatherstripping, which fits along the bottom edge of the garage door.

Choosing The Right Torsion Spring Is Your Top Priority: Knowing the right size spring for your garage door can be confusing. You'll need to know the weight and lift of your door, along with other factors. To learn how to make the right size choice for you, please contact us by calling us.

Over time the torsion spring weakens and will eventually break. Replacing a broken torsion spring can be dangerous because the spring is under tension. It can whip around and cause serious injury to the family.

Sound and Vibration

If you have an attached garage and want to minimize the racket caused by the garage door going up and down, choose a door with polyurethane insulation and nylon rollers. Insulated garage door dampens any vibrations that would normally be amplified by an uninsulated steel. And nylon rollers are simply quieter than metal ones.

Polyurethane insulated garage doors offer a quieter, more comfortable experience for homeowners and home buyers (which can translate into higher resale values) and less costly maintenance for building owners who use this energy-efficient door material. Polyurethane insulation uses an oil-resin formulation that comes in a variety of styles.

What to Look for in Garage Door Rollers: Choose between ball bearings or bushings, or a nylon-on-steel system. Garage Door Spring Services: A garage door spring is used to keep the garage door upright in any position. Some times, if a spring breaks, a garage door will be left without a safety system which can be dangerous for kids and pets.

If you're looking for a unique look for your garage door, or if you can't stand the upkeep of wood, we have all the products you need. You want the right door for the job, so get an expert opinion before you buy. We’ll help you select the perfect style and material for your home. Visit our website for more info about how we can help you keep your investments looking their best. Call us now Phone (832)736-7699 We are available 24/7 365 days day or night.