Fire doors play a key role in building safety.  Properly operating fire doors help protect property and save lives in the event of an emergency.  Defective, damaged or non-functional doors can lead to tragic results and may subject building owners and managers to catastrophic losses and increased legal liability.

    Our FDDT program provides for your facility's ongoing compliance with NFPA 80 requirement, while establishing and maintaining FDDT records for your facility on an annual basis.


    National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards require building owners and managers to have their rolling and sliding fire doors inspected and tested annually and to maintain written documentation within the building of such inspections.

    Fire door testing and inspection must be done by certified technicians only. Canadian Door master Electric Ltd's Fire Door Drop Testing Program (FDDT) is performed by certified Fire Door Drop Testing personnel and helps building owners and managers stay in compliance with NFPA 80 standards, while maintaining the proper operation and full closure of all facility rolling and sliding fire doors.

    What you'll receive...

    The inspection, testing and certification of your facility's rolling and sliding fire doors to meet NFPA 80 requirements by certified trained technicians.

    A written Fire Door and Drop Test Report, which documents each FDDT service, call for your facility's records along with recommendations for any needed repairs or product replacement.


    Copies of your companies Fire Door Drop Test records are kept on file at our office in case of emergency or compliance questions.


    You will be contacted on an annual basis to schedule future FDDT service appointments to help keep your fire doors in compliance with NFPA 80 requirement and in good working order.