Door Testing and Certifying


Fire door testing services are one of the most important aspects of running a safe building facility. In fact, the absence of fire protection can cause serious damage to people and property, which is why our fire testing services have been specifically tailored to meet the rigorous requirements of international standards for safety equipment. Thanks to our yearly fire tests and inspections, your doors will be certified as fully compliant with NFPA 80 and other official certifications.

At Industrial door systems Houston, Fire door Inspection, Drop Testing, Labeling and certifying, we are dedicated to providing our customers with outstanding service and the best value for their money. We have the knowledge, equipment and techniques necessary to inspect you fire door products in order to certify them. And once you have met all of your local fire department’s standards, we can help you obtain the official reports and labels that will protect your doors from inspection scrutiny while allowing them to remain fully functional.

Fire doors play a key role in building safety. Properly operating fire doors help protect property and save lives in the event of an emergency. Defective, damaged or non-functional doors can lead to tragic results and may subject building owners and managers to catastrophic losses and increased legal liability.

Your costumers and employees deserve to know that all of the safety regulations are being met, and what better way to make sure you never have to worry about the authorities than with certified fire door inspection reports!. Maintaining a safe, secure workplace is one of the most important aspects of doing business. Willing to invest in your equipment?

If for some reason you’re unable to pass inspection, we’ll resolve any issues right away by helping you choose from a range of options guaranteed to meet, Our friendly and knowledgeable consultants will help you determine the most cost-effective solution, whether you need to choose from a range of options guaranteed to meet, or even exceed, your specific requirements. Many businesses unknowingly leave their facilities vulnerable to fines from government agencies.

We don’t just want to meet fire codes and regulations, we want to exceed them by providing you with a comprehensive solution that leaves no doubt about your facility’s ability to withstand the toughest fire protection challenges. We aren’t satisfied until you are. That’s how confident we are in our ability to provide outstanding fire protection services.

In today’s constantly changing environment, businesses of all sizes must adapt in order to stand the test of time. And, it is our job to facilitate this process by providing a wide variety of fire-safety solutions with state-of-the-art technology and services. Contact Industrial door systems Tx, today if your property is in need of a thorough fire door inspection. Our reliable team members are standing by and ready to visit your premises to assess the conditions of all fire doors on site. Whatever the issue may be, whether it’s a damaged hinge, a broken handle, or a faulty locking mechanism.

Our certified technicians will be able to find the cause and get resolve the issues for good. It doesn’t matter when you call us we’re available whenever you need us the most Give us a call at (832)736-7699 Today or fill out the short form on this page and we will get back to you as soon as we can.Emergency service available 24/7

What you'll receive...
  • The inspection, testing and certification of your facility's rolling and sliding fire doors to meet NFPA 80 requirements by certified trained technicians.
  • A written Fire Door and Drop Test Report, which documents each Fire door service, call for your facility's records along with recommendations for any needed repairs or product replacement.
  • Copies of your companies Fire Door Drop Test records are kept on file at our office in case of emergency or compliance questions.
  • You will be contacted on an annual basis to schedule future fire door service appointments to help keep your fire doors in compliance with NFPA 80 requirement and in good working order.