+ Can Industrial door systems help us to reduce energy consumption in our facility ?

Industrial door systems is an industry leader in energy conservation techniques and strategies to help companies lower annual energy bills. Combining an in-depth energy audit process with energy efficient products – your company can get a detailed report showing improvements and savings. In most cases, customers can see a return on investment in under 3 years with most recouping their investment within the first two years.

+ What kind of products Industrial door systems offers ?

Industrial door systems offer’s a wide range of quality products that can meet the demands of customers. Including overhead doors, dock levelers, HVLS fans and more, Industrial door systems provides dependable, cost-efficient long-term service solutions for any company

+ What kinds of doors to you service?

We can install, maintain/ repair all types of doors including Industrial / commercial door, Automatic doors, and door safety products including Overhead doors, Automatic Sliding, Folding and Revolving doors, High speed doors, Hydraulic and direct drive doors and any door available irrespective of the manufactures.

+ What kind loading dock you service ?

Industrial door systems service all brands and models of loading docks

+ Do you sell / install and service aftermarket products ?

Finding parts for loading dock equipment and industrial doors is not always easy. When is it okay (or even an improvement) to install an aftermarket part or upgrade versus an OEM part?We sell after market product like Track guard, Dock bumpers, security gates and safety rails, Guard rails,building protection products such as column protectors, barrier gates, HVLS fans, Trailer fans, Door Operators, Dock locks, door springs, and panels, Light communication and more

+ I have an emergency repair that I need fixed immediately, can you help?

we offer 24 /7 emergency service. Just contact our office, and we can send out a repair crew very quickly to service your door emergency and get your facility back up and running.

+ What is Return on my investment [ ROI ] ?

ROI is based on the type of equipment installed, ranging between 1 and 5 years. If the product has an energy-efficient component, your monthly energy savings could make your return come much quicker. That being said, application matters. For example, a high-speed, high-cycle door is virtually indestructible compared to a rolling steel geared towards security.

+Can our staff get training on the equipment ?

We want to ensure your workers understand how to properly operate any new equipment. Your Sales Representative can provide training to help ensure overall worker safety thereafter.

+ How long does an installation take ?

After a purchase order is issued, turnaround time ranges from 3-5 business days to 3-6 weeks depending on the project. However, times can be expedited depending on your specific needs.

+ Can installations scheduled after hours / Week ends ?

We’ll work around your main operating hours whether in the evening or on weekends to ensure your schedule isn’t compromised.

+ How to keep out side air entering the industrial/commercial facility

Air Curtains are a low-cost solution that reduce energy costs and consumption as well as maintain interior building temperatures and separate interior and exterior elements. This downward-facing blower fan minimizes cold drafts, dirt, dust and fumes from entering, enhancing the overall work environment.

+ How to save energy and regulate warehouse temperature and humidity?

High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) fans blend layers of air togetherto equalize overall temperatures. This gives a perceived reduction in temperature by 7-11 degrees, great for the summer months. HVLS fans also help prevent product spoilage in warehouses with high storage areas where temperatures are much warmer.

+ Can I replace only specific panels of the industrial doors ?

If your door has been impacted, most sectional doors can be repaired, rather than completely replaced. If the damage is past the point of a simple repair, individual panels can be replaced to have your door functioning quicker and more cost-effectively than by replacing the entire door.

+ What should I do if the spring break ?

If one of your springs break or you happen to notice a defect prior to, use precaution and discontinue door use. As personnel safety is key, do not touch or attempt to repair the door. Either line the area with caution tape or place pylons around the door. You can then contact our service department to make any necessary adjustments or repairs.

+ What is R value and how it is measured ?

R-value is a door’s energy efficiency level based on insulation. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation for containing interior temperatures.

+ What are available safety features to loading docks

• Dock Bumpers minimizes building impact by tractor trailers • Wheel Chocks helps prevent trailer movement during shipping • Caution Signs reminds drivers to chock their wheels before unloading • Stop/Go Lights shows drivers when it’s safe to approach or leave • Reflective Guides – helps lead drivers straight to loading dock • Dock Lights shines a light into the trailer to increase visibility • Securitygates prevents drivers from entering building without warning • Truck Restraints locks vehicles in place and more

+ How do I choose right application / products for my facility ?

Every building’s loading area is unique. This includes the building itself, frequency of use, existing equipment such as bumpers or dock seals, size of trucks backing into the receiving area, the height of the door opening, maximum weight capacity traveling over the leveler and more. For the equipment that’s right for your facility, contact a Industrial door systems representative for an on-site assessment.