Shelters provide an encompassing seal around the trailer itself. The shelter hugs the sides and top of the trailer with fiberglass stiffened fabric to provide a good seal as well as allow for service of a greater variance of trailer types.

    We offer several different models of Dock Shelter to meet your needs. As with our seals, there are a variety of options and features that we can recommend based on your individual needs and use.

    Product Detail

  • Shelter Fabric – available in different fabric choices depending on your use for added durability.
  • Wood/Metal Framing – standard in pressure treated lumber with options for steel tubing for added longevity.
  • Fiberglass Panels – translucent to allow light in to dock area.
  • Steel Guards – all shelters come with heavy duty steel channel guards to protect the shelter sides from trailer impacts.
  • Draft Pads – all shelters come with fabric covered foam drafts pads to prevent air from entering from sides of the trailer.
  • Specialty – also available in soft sided models and flexible side models for accident prone areas. These models are designed to accept the impact of a misaligned trailer and not cause damage to the shelter and/or building structure.