Dock Seals

    We specialize in custom dock seals that are specially tailored for each dock opening to provide a tight seal to reduce energy costs and keep out unwanted pests.

    We work with a local seal producer to give you the best price as well as a quick lead time for installation.

    Each set of seals is handmade to spec for each opening and are available with many options. Some examples of customizations and features of our dock seals include:

    Product Detail:

  • Wear Pleats – available in 4" and 8" overlap to add extra durability to the seals.
  • Drop Flaps – help to seal taller than normal opening.
  • Adjustable Head Curtain – movable curtain for opening with various truck heights serviced.
  • Wedged Foam – the foam is wedged for larger openings to create a tight seal with the trailer while keeping the backboard out of the opening.
  • Tapered Seals – we taper the seals in sloped applications to allow for a better seal and to prevent over compression of the foam which relieves building pressure and extends the life of the seal.