When a dock leveler system is not working properly, you can rely on Preferred Window and Door for 24/7 prompts response and our routine service by our highly trained technicians.

    We know that time is money and you don't need the down time on your docks, employee injuries, not to mention the added wear and tear on your forklifts and hand trucks.

    Commercial and Residential Installations:

  • Fast and Professional Installations
  • Our Own Employees, No Sub-Contractors
  • Detailed Ingenuity for a Complete Quality Installation
  • Highest Standards of Windows and Installations
  • No Job is Too Big or Too Small
  • Accommodate Special Needs and Requirements
  • Highest Overall Value for Price
  • Emergency Services and Repairs
  • Features

  • These Dock Levelers are made of heavy duty corrosion-resistant steel.
  • The electronic hydraulic system moves the platform to the highest position and then automatically extends the hinged lip, so that the vehicle can be safely loaded and unloaded.
  • Separate hydraulic cylinders are provided, two for dock movement & one for lip movement ensures safe, sturdy operation.
  • These Dock Levelers are integrated with safety valve to prevent any accidents in case of breakdown of hydraulic hose, leakages.
  • The Dock levelers has Mechanical Safety device for inspection and maintenance operations.
  • Integration with existing shutters, sectional doors & other accessories to have smooth, safe operations.
  • Rubber bumpers are fixed at the front side of Dock Levelers to prevent damage of its structure.
  • These dock levelers lip is designed to suit various truck sizes. Namely Full Lip Plate, Cut-out Lip Plate & Segmented Lip Plate.
  • Edge type manual dock levelers are normally installed on the exterior face for low weight pallet movements.
  • Cantilever type DL can be provided to adjust lower/existing installation of pit size.
  • In case of power failure, the Dock Leveler will remain at the current position.