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Houston’s number one, premier industrial door providers and installers, Industrial Door Systems have been keeping the wonderful people of Houston, TX, satisfied for more than two decades, and we don’t plan on stopping! Our reliable, professional and affordable service is what our customers have grown to know and love, and we take immense pride in continuing to supply our valued clientele with industrial door systems that can be counted on to last them for years to come.

Here at Industrial Door Systems, we understand the intricacies of loading docks, and know just how busy they can be when running at maximum efficiency. Typically, the hub of many warehouse activities - and as such, must be safe and easily accessible at all times - loading docks are vital for the successful running of hundreds of different commercial businesses, and we are proud to have been serving this particular industry for many, many years now. We know that with vehicles, inventory and personnel constantly moving in and out of the loading dock, the entire area must be made safe at all times.

We help to ensure that this is always the case with our range of dock and door solutions, such as:

  • Dock boards - metal ramps that bridge the gap between dock and truck and are usually made of steel.
  • Edge of dock leveler (EOD) - fixed to the loading dock and ideal for use when trucks are backing up to a loading area, these bridge the gap from the edge of a loading dock to the truck, trailer or ramp.
  • Hydraulic dock leveler – operating in a range between 12 inches below and 12 inches above the level of the dock, the leveler is controlled with a button that raises it and extends the lip, causing the platform to float down to the trailer floor.
  • Mechanical dock leveler – similar to a hydraulic dock leveler, the mechanical leveler is activated with a pull chain.
  • Air powered dock leveler – more economical than a hydraulic leveler, these use an air bag system to raise and lower the deck, and are operated by a push-button.
  • Specialty dock levelers – these levelers are designed to cope with non-conventional truck bed heights.
  • Trailer stabilizers – intended for vertical loading, and avoiding excessive side forces, these stabilizers help facilitate the loading and unloading of trailers, and can raise them to a correct storage angle.
  • Wheel chocks – placed closely against the wheels of a vehicle, this sturdy wedge prevents it from moving around when goods are being loaded unloaded in the loading dock.
  • Industrial and commercial HVLS fan – high volume, low speed industrial ceiling fans circulate air in warehouses and other applications, and are both cost and energy efficient.
  • Trailer fans – Our range of HVLS fans can be adapted to suit many applications.
  • Dock seals – providing a barrier between the opening of the loading dock door and the surface of the trailer when loading or unloading, dock seals keep weather, bugs, dirt, rodents and unwanted pedestrian traffic out of your warehouse, and help to maintain the climate within.
  • Dock shelter – this flexible enclosure enables trailers to pull under and into the opening of a loading dock, while the surface of the shelter forms a contact barrier around the rear. Looser than loading dock seals, they are more flexible and durable.
  • Dock bumpers – Often referred to as truck dock bumpers or dock pads, they’re generally made from rubber, are highly resistant to impact and environmental wear and tear, and prevent damage to loading dock equipment, warehouse walls, vehicles and trailers.
  • Truck restraints – this piece of equipment is installed at the loading dock and helps prevent transport vehicles from leaving the dock while being loaded or unloaded.

To know more about our full and varied range of dock and door equipment, browse our online catalog or call our friendly sales team for more details. Alternatively, you can fill in our quick online inquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Did you know that we also provide a convenient repair and maintenance service, too? So, once you’ve found the product that suits your need from our comprehensive selection of industrial and commercial docks and doors, not only will we deliver and install it, but we’ll give you maintenance advice that will help ensure your product functions at its best for many more years to come. Our team of experts will also talk you through the various safety elements of your equipment, to help prevent accidents from happening, and/or damage from occurring.

However, should any of your existing dock and door solutions be in need of repair, we’ll schedule a visit from one of our specialist technicians. If you require new parts or equipment, we’ll source them directly from the manufacturer and deliver them to you onsite, and work our hardest to get your loading dock back running efficiently as soon as possible.

Our values and work ethics

We aim to always provide our valued customers with a service they can rely upon, no matter the size of the task or how urgently a product is required, and you can reach out to us for help whenever you need us. Without you, our customers, Industrial Door Systems simply wouldn’t be the successful and innovative company that it is today, and we value you just as much as we value our business. Passionate about our work, and extremely knowledgeable within our field, we believe the service we provide is unsurpassed, and we perform every task with integrity and vigor.

Using only the highest quality materials, and with all team members undergoing frequent skills and knowledge assessments, we are constantly doing everything within our power to remain the company of choice for our existing, loyal customers, and are routinely excited and keen to begin serving more new customers than ever before.

So, for all your dock and door needs (and so much more!), make us your company of choice and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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