Commercial Slat and Door panel Replacements


Large overhead doors have many applications and designs, including roll up sheet and slat doors, sectional doors, knock out - doors, parking garage doors, full view doors and insulated sectional doors, and knock - out doors. Whether your facility is industrial, commercial, retail or for parking, we sell a complete line of overhead doors and can service any existing overhead door that you currently have.

If you continue to use a door with faulty sections, the door can become misaligned and that may cause additional damage to all sections and possibly lead to the replacement of the complete door. With dents, the garage door may just need a minor adjustment such as reinforcing the dented section to prevent any further damage. However, a dent may get worse without immediate repair and the entire garage door section could need to be replaced over time.

We always ensure that we replace and fit the correct section with the exact colors to ensure a consistent finish. Whether a bottom section or one in the middle is damaged, we can replace them promptly. No matter what happened, you only have to replace the damaged section without having to replace the whole door

Door Panels for Sectional dock doors: There are numerous styles of Loading dock and industrial doors with multiple panel configurations. As a result, you need a solution that can be tailored to the exact configuration of your door. Replacement Panel is an energy efficient, fast and economical way to repair damaged sections on your dock door.

Our replacement door parts are the solution you need to keep your dock doors operating safely and reducing the energy loss caused by your damaged or missing door panel. The panels are designed to replace damaged or missing portions of your existing dock door. Each panel is constructed of a single, continuous piece of weatherproof steel that maintains the original thickness of the door and provides an unbroken seal. This eliminates flex points within the door, extending service life and increasing security.

We are the industrial door panel replacement solution for damaged sectional dock doors. Door panels that are not repaired are a source of energy loss and increased maintenance costs. You can reduce energy loss and maintenance costs by replacing your damaged bottom sectional door panels. Our replacement door panels extend the service life of your existing door structure significantly while saving you thousands of dollars in preventative maintenance and energy costs

If you have a damaged or missing door bottom panel, there is no need to replace the entire door section, spend more on replacement parts and installation costs, or risk your dock doors leaking energy due to missing slats.

Some companies have opted for the open the doors approach and just allow their dock to become part of their ventilation system. This is often one way a company gets around local health laws prohibiting venting through the roof, other times it's just a matter of employee comfort.

Eliminate Poor Air Quality, Promote Employee Comfort: Many warehouses in Texas utilize open dock doors to enhance air quality and promote employee comfort. But can you risk having your dock doors left open for security and safety reasons? If you have unruly shoplifters or daily theft, there's likely a need to keep your roll-up dock doors closed.

Choosing the right exterior doors can be a challenge for business owners. Doors are one of the first things customers see, so they’re a good way to project your company’s brand image and build trust. But there are many types of doors on the market, it’s complex to select the right ones for your building and business model, and there is more to consider than just functionality

Many facilities are in need of pull-down and/or roll-up type dock doors but due to safety reasons it is not permitted to keep them open. We have been helping tens of thousands of commercial enterprises with door repairs from Houston businesses to schools to hospitals. We’re proud to help maintain commercial door security. After all, exterior doors take a beating from heavy usage tornados / Hurricanes and even break-ins. Some damaged doors are security risks that need replacement. Our trained technicians repair interior and exterior commercial doors. Let us help you! Call us now Phone: (832)736-7699 We are available 24/7 365 days day or night.

In the event of a power outage, auxiliary operators can be used (push up or chain, depending on door size and configuration). You often see motor operators in parking garages, distribution facilities, paint booths, and car washes.