Cold Storage/ Food Processing


A cold storage, refrigerated warehouse, food processing facility is a complex or premises permanently or temporarily dedicated to storing refrigerated food and may constitute in itself an autonomous refrigeration industry. Cold storage facilities are called “cold stores” for short, or storage rooms by refrigerated warehouses. Cold stores are a particular kind of warehouse that use advanced cooling systems and temperature controls within a refrigerated space to store items at low temperatures.

A cold store, therefore, is not just a facility but rather an entire complex comprising different premises and facilities designed to extend the storage period of certain goods. While cold-storage warehouses exist around the world, most if not all cold-storage facilities use advanced ambient air flow systems for better temperature control and energy conservation.

The refrigerated warehouse is one of the most important industrial facilities for the food industry. This is where food is stored and locked to maintain its quality: from fresh food to frozen products, everything is stored at very low temperatures. In addition to the storage facilities, refrigerated warehouses also include a system for breathable air circulation that provides the cold atmosphere required for preserving food in storage and transport conditions.

Cold storage/ refrigerated warehouse is the facility which is capable of storing food products at temperatures below the ambient. It generally means that the temperature inside of cold storage is below 10ºC (50ºF). The storage time in the cold storage varies, and it all depends on what product you are talking about. Cold-storage warehouses have long been used for the preservation of food, pharmaceutical products, and chemicals.

Cold Storage/Food Processing facilities are built to efficiently store perishable food items in the right conditions to ensure that the food is still fresh when taken out of storage. We can assist with all your cold storage and food processing door repair service and installation / retrofit and parts, Installation service and repair , Food processing door electrical control repair, Dock levelers for cold storage.

We repair all kinds of doors and sell doors based upon the customer’s needs and the type of operation they are running. We install for many different manufactures and do electrical control repair to complete door rebuilds. We specialize in all types of refrigerator and freezer door repairs, including: anti-sweat, anti-frost stop systems, door gasket seal change-outs, and rebuild and modernize doors to automatically self-close.

  • Bi-Part
  • Swing
  • Single Slide
  • Roll-Up door
  • Fast Folding door
  • Traffic Impact doors
  • Dock Door
  • Specialty doors
  • Air door / Air curtains

We repair, install, replace, and relocate dock levelers and dock safety equipment, including fork lift damage repair.

  • Dock levelers for cold storage
  • Dock leveler repair, installations
  • Dock bumpers
  • Dock light
  • Trailer fan
  • Truck restraints
  • Dock seals / Dock shelters
  • Dock communication light and control
  • Barrier gate

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