Case Study


Food processing company freezers provide a unique door challenge to rolling steel, overhead and even fabric doors. The temperatures are usually in the range of -10° F on the warm side to a subfreezing temperature of -30° to -40° F on the cold side. These low temperatures are needed to ensure that the products remain frozen during transportation abroad. Unfortunately, such low temperatures also cause icing problems on conventional doors. The doors jam and ice builds up on the panels creating headaches and safety issues.


Industrial doors systems can solve these difficult issues with their door. The door has a heavy duty low temperature 0.25” thick EPDM rubber curtain that is rated for continuous use at -40° to -50° F. The EPDM curtain remains flexible and straightens quickly to enter the guides during the closing cycle. Ice does not build up on this curtain the same way it does on conventional products.

Waste management company need extra wide and extra height door


Based on the needs of Waste Management company, industrial door systems supplied and installed three large, externally mounted Rolling Steel doors to ensure optimal functionality for this high usage application. These Rolling Steel doors, along with the various other equipment items provided will allow for a dependable, fully functional building for high traffic.

Fire station need high speed door with bi folding option


Four Fold doors at the exit doors for emergency vehicles, as the high speed and dependability of these doors are critical to maintaining a quick and efficient response when an emergency call is received. Aluminum framed, full view sectional doors were supplied at the rear of the building to ensure full, drive-through access is provided for all emergency vehicles in each bay.

Food company need specialty door separate extreme cold inside from out side hot and humid


Unlike steel roll-up doors which mount close to the door header, these externally mounted units position the motor and key components farther away from process steam and vehicle traffic plus allow sunlight to enter improving visibility, safety and creating a more pleasing work environment. For added safety, employees must push and hold the close button at all times to lower the door, giving the user the ability to stop the door at a moments notice. Additional safety is provided with a bottom safety edge and photo eyes to prevent any contact related damage or injuries.