Industrial Door and Dock uses steam jet to wash and clean car's exterior and interior. Steam jet is completely safe on car surfaces, smoothly removing the hardest dirt from car surface.

    With special additional Ozone, Vacuum and Hot Air features, this is not just a regular Industrial Door and Dock; it is complete car care equipment. Whereas steam and vacuum ensures cleaning of the vehicle, the highly effective Ozone generator sanitizes and deodorizes the car from foulest smell and germs/bacteria's.

    The most special feature of steam car wash is its eco-friendliness. It takes very little water (Less than 4-5 Liters per vehicle by average), and it does not cause any wastewater run-off.

    Industrial Door and Dock washing power is truly amazing. You will be astonished to see what it can achieve without any chemicals.

    Our Industrial Door and Dock is specially designed to wash and clean cars safely and efficiently.

    Our Industrial Door and Dock is virtually mobile, and it will give you the freedom of conducting your cleaning tasks whenever, wherever you want.


    We use 100% softened, purified water to ensure no hard water spots remain when your car dries.


    We don't just use hot water, we heat it to 120-degrees to deliver the best, most thorough wash.


    Our chemicals are applied early to maximize soak time which softens dirt and grime for the highest quality outcome.


    We only use top-of-the-line, biodegradable products, including Armor All and Rain-X, to provide the best results possible.


    Our distinct combination of microfiber, cloth, and foam materials, in addition to high-pressure water, allows us to achieve a consistent, detailed cleaning.