Telescoping Single Sliding Fiber Glass Door


Telescoping Single Sliding Fiber Glass Door

Our specialty here at Industrial Door Systems is in providing our customers with high quality solutions for a range of door and dock applications, and selling, delivering, installing, maintaining and repairing them as and when needed. With such a comprehensive selection of products, we believe you’ll find exactly what you need when you come to us, and with most of our solutions 100% customizable, there’s no need to look elsewhere.

Having served our customers for such a long time now (more than 20 years, not that we’re counting!), we have built up a vast array of knowledge and have a wealth of experience at our fingertips, and are proud to share it all with you, our valued customers. So much more than just a shop that sells door and dock solutions, we can actually provide you with a range of quality services that enable you to maintain your existing products better, and receive swift and professional repairs should any of your door or dock solutions break down or begin to underperform.

Able to depend upon us to consistently offer competitive prices coupled with high quality products and service, customers have continued to rate us highly, and as we embellish upon our skills and gain more experience, we know you’ll be even more impressed by what we can offer you. Below is just a small selection of the products we are currently offering:

  • Dock and door
  • Sectional door
  • Rolling door
  • Pedestrian door
  • Fire rated door
  • Vertical sliding fire door
  • Horizontal sliding fire door
  • Bumper impact door
  • Insect door
  • Telescoping door
  • Aluminum glass
  • Store front door
  • Counter shutter
  • Security shutter
  • Insulated door
  • Wind loaded door
  • Rolling steel/overhead door

Just one of our wide range of door and dock solutions, telescoping doors are useful in a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

What are telescoping doors?

When space is at a premium, telescoping doors can be hugely beneficial. Incorporating an additional sliding door active leaf, they enable you to gain extra clearing space when opening the door, and can make even the tightest of spaces, seem functional. Space saving technology for doors has come a long way over the years, and nowadays, there are many more ways to save space in a room or building than ever before.

Why choose our telescoping doors?

With our specialist designing and manufacturing processes, partial opening is easily achievable thanks to high grade multiple tracks that hold the door firmly in place at the top. Smooth running and virtually silent, our telescopic doors come equipped with high performance dual top and bottom rollers assembly, for a smooth operation and high impact resistance. They are also resistant to corrosion, and are easy to be professionally installed, and simple to maintain.

Below are some of the primary features of our telescoping doors:

  • Depending upon the specific space dimensions and requirements, with our telescoping doors you can achieve partial sliding (single side or bi parting) of the door panels for the ultimate in functionality and space saving.
  • Enhance the overall look of the telescoping door with a variety of top tracks and top roller models and designs, which can be selected as per your individual requirements.
  • Choose from a selection of panels according to your needs, which might include a sandwich panel that has PUF/Rockwool insulation with a thickness that ranges from 40mm, 80mm and 100mm.
  • The panels can be tailor made to help with budgetary constraints
  • Air loss and dust entry can be controlled with EPDM sealing, which can be used as and when necessary
  • Acrylic vision windows can be incorporated with the door panels for improved visibility
  • The multiple top tracks are heavy duty and designed for ease of operation
  • Door oscillation can be avoided with specially designed multiple bottom guide tracks
  • If the panels are large enough, a pedestrian passage with door can be incorporated
  • For industrial sliding doors, an automation system can be used to match any size and weight
  • Designed to meet all operational and safety requirements, our telescoping doors are totally safe
  • Stoppers are placed at each end-track to help absorb impact and keep the door open or closed as required

Our values and work ethics

Our values and work ethics are extremely important to us, and our aim is to always provide our customers with an outstanding, unbeatable service that they can rely upon. It doesn’t matter the size of the task, how urgently it’s required or how complex the requirement may be, we are here for you whenever you need us, and can help you whatever your needs may be.

Our team

You will not find a more qualified and experienced team of door experts in Texas, than right here at Industrial Door Systems. Made up of technical engineers and surveyors, each with years of experience and many qualifications to their names, our team is specially trained to provide customers with quality installations and full maintenance services. Dedicated to customer satisfaction at all times, no matter how big or small the job, they offer an efficient service that offers unbeatable rates and unmatchable professionalism.

Our Mission

With our range of customizable, bespoke services, nobody understands doors and door solutions better than us, and we are totally committed to providing small and large businesses in Houston and beyond, with secure and reliable door systems that will guarantee the safety of goods and lives at all times. Striving to continually improve our standards and learn new skills that we know will benefit our customers, we will carry on providing the people of Texas with high-quality, affordable solutions for a range of commercial and industrial needs.

So, now that you have read that we are the best, why not try us out for yourself and see if we meet our own, and your exacting standards! For all your door needs,

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