Existing sliding door systems which are showing signs of age or those for which parts are not available or extremely expensive, we offer a "Retrofit System" option.

    This entails the complete replacement of the internal electronic & mechanical components which make up the drive system.

    The existing track & cover is retained and with typical conversion times of around 4 hours, so it reduces disruption to your customers.

    Automatic Swing Doors

    Our Swing Door operators are compact and versatile and can assist access through any manual door.

    We offer two systems;

    A low energy door system

    Many features are incorporated within our assisted door operator.

    A special internal clutch mechanism is incorporated which allows the door to be used as a standard manual doors as if it just have a door closer fitted.

    But upon activating the door (normally by strategically located push pads) the door will power open Slowly to allow safe access & egress by those who need it.

    These operators are particularly effective for slow moving traffic like wheelchairs, the disabled and the elderly.

    Fully Automatic door systems

    Standard Swing Door Features:

  • Microprocessor controlled with adjustable hold open times, power boost and electric latch output.
  • High speed operation with controllable open and closing speeds.
  • Smart Door Technology - Fully programmable
  • Options include;

  • Battery Backup System
  • Push & Pull Arm Versions
  • Extended Cover System