Aluminum glass door/ Store front door offer a growing selection of narrow stile locks and access control solutions for the storefront or strip mall setting.

    As with other heavy duty office door locks, our series of glass door locks offer up a range of features from the most basic one code mechanical locks, to more advanced multiple code and audit trail electronic locks.

    Whether you are interested in a hardwired or standalone keyless entry system, and whether you need it for a single door or set of double glass doors, we can craft a product set for you.

    Our narrow stile glass door locks are rated the best on the market in terms of overall customer satisfaction and reliability.


  • They are designed to meet performance requirements of highly exposed coastal positions.
  • Our aluminum doors with glass feature a high quality 6.38mm laminated glass.
  • The hardware components are manufactured from a combination of 316 marine grade and 304 architectural grade stainless steel, for high corrosive resistance.
  • Our hinged doors can be left or right opening; this is determined when the door space is measured, as well as sliding, folding and stacking options are available.
  • Our External and Zone living aluminum doors are available in a range of color and finish combinations.
  • Our Ultra Safe Security aluminum doors and screen doors are ideal for external use and can be made for standard doors, large openings, french or double doors and in a sliding option.