This air door is an electrically heated Air Barrier ideal for areas with inadequate heat and issues with outside air infiltration.

    The heated air barrier can help to seal an opening while circulating heat to a troubling area for additional comfort.

    This Air Barrier can help to supply heat to areas by a doorway or opening in the colder climates and can operate without the heat in the warmer weather providing you with an efficient seal year round.

    The heated air door is ideal for drive-thru windows, restaurants, retail facilities, office or residential buildings, etc.

    Air doors are light construction system without the bottom rail.

    Air doors work as sliding doors; however, they look more aesthetic.

    The door system is intended to be fastened to the wall or ceilings. Such a system is easy to install in rooms of limited size.

    The product line is made of light metal aluminum profiles that are combined with other materials: wooden products, glass and plastic.

    A variety of materials ensures an individual approach to door design according to the customer's taste and the room interior.