Industrial door system is a leading edge door installation and maintenance company servicing the entirety of Houston, TX for over 20 years. We are involved in the provision of reliable door systems including loading docks, top of the line commercial doors, motor operated gate services and access control services. We’ve horned our impeccable door system installation and repair skills over the years through relentlessly delivering quality services to the people of Houston, Texas. We remain Houston’s no.1 company of choice for durable installation, maintenance and repair of various door systems.

We are Houston’s leading company in the provision of quality door systems including loading docks, industrial doors, automatic door and automated gates and access control service. Our over two decades of experience in quality service renders our services unmatched in terms of excellent door systems installation and the technical know-how of our staffs. We are a conglomerate of specialist and technicians who are dedicated to meet your security needs through bespoke door systems installation and maintenance in Houston, TX. We ensure all our customers in Houston and the rest of Texas are provided with fast, efficient and affordable door installation service at an instant notice.


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Industrial door system boasts of the best door installation and maintenance team in the whole of Texas. Our elite team is made up of highly qualified engineers and well-experienced technical surveyors. Our staffs are specially trained to provide quality installations and full-maintenance services that will elicit a most positive customer experience. Customer satisfaction is paramount to us at industrial door system. The industrial door system teams are dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality. We offer efficient industrial door system installation and maintenance to ensure unbeatable security door systems for the ultimate safety of our clients.


We’re set to provide the entirety of Texas with bespoke services tailored to meet their specific industrial door needs through a proper understanding of their unique requirements. At industrial door system, we are fully dedicated to providing both small and large businesses in Texas with secure and reliable door systems that will guarantee a 100% safety of goods and lives. We strive to continually provide lasting solutions to our various customers door needs at very affordable prices.


We hope to expand our branches to the farthest part of America and all major cities around the world delivering nothing short of quality and reliable door services. The entirety of Industrial door system are fully dedicated to continually remain the pace setter in the door industry, setting a peerless standard in terms of quality and reliable door systems installation and maintenance.