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Industrial Door Systems, a home of premium quality Industrial /Commercial doors, Automatic doors, Loadingdocks, After market products, provide one of its kind opportunities for installation and maintenance/ Repair of various Commercial / Industrial doors and loading dock. With over 20 years of experience in serving Houston, Texas with our innovative and unique service and Products solutions, we are the trendsetters and leaders in our field, and we make it anything possible with our engineering background.

Our services in ware house facilities can help you create a secure working environment. Loading docks is an integral part in any industrial setup and their proper installation and maintenance/ Repair is extremely crucial for operating it safe without interrupti

Our technical staff trained and certified in the factory and inhouse and excel in the field to serve you best and fast, All truck carry common parts for the job onsite on one visit.

We strive to ensure your safety by providing you with professional repairing, installation, retrofitting / upgradingservices of your facility, including Dock door, Overhead door, Interior or Exterior doors, Storefront doors,Mechanical dock levelers, Hydraulic dock levelers, Pneumatic/ Air bag dock levelers, Edge of dock levelers or Specialty dock levelers, dock boards, dock lights, loading dock bumpers, Dock seals Dock shelters, vehicle restraints, and traffic doors. With all of this equipment installed in your working environment, you will feel more secure and safe.With our Seals and shelters, you can also keep your products safe at the time of loading and after the loading as well.

Whether you own a small business or a well-established chain of business, we understand the needs of every client, and our team is ready to provide you with innovative solutions, as we have a wide variety of docks services and commercial and Industrial doors available for sales, covering the specific needs and application of every client. If you need anything custom we build it for you.

We also understand the diversity exists in the businesses of our clients. So, we make sure that we sale you the product that is compatible with your business requirements to set exceptional standards in the industry.


In need of the upgradation, repairing, maintenance or retrofitting of the already established Warehouse facilities? Worry no more, our team of expert professionals will help you in maintaining and repairing the existing facilities as well.

Industrial Door Systems also provide a unique opportunity to get the Commercial / Industrial doors, Automatic doors, Loading docks of your choice at your disposal. We are a leading retailer in providing Industrial as well as commercial doors of every type. Be it overhead doors, Roll up doors, Sectional garage doors, Service doors, Vertical lifting doors, Vertical / Horizontal sliding doors, Parking garage doors, dock doors,automatic doors, rolling steel door, Pedestrian hollow metal door, security grills and shutters, Air door, Traffic doors, aluminum glass doors, Sliding / Folding / Revolving doors, Wind loaded doors and more.

We are striving hard to ensure that your business remains safe and secure from all the environmental and physical hazards out there. We know that extreme weather conditions can spoil many products; hence we make sure that we provide only those doors to you that can keep your product safe from all these variables. With extended safety, doors we sell are made with well-established international standards, giving our customers the security, they deserve. With hundreds of clients all over Texas, we are ready to cope up with the specific challenges associated with your business to provide you with premium quality products. Worry no more, and place your order now to get new insights into the world of commercial / Industrialdoors and Loadingdocks.

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We are excited in providing a variety of solutions in the entire TX. Our unmatchable and cooperative Customer Service, we are pursuing to provide you with Industrial and commercial doors, Automatic doors,and loading dock according to your needs or applicationand offers prompt, reliable and courteous service available 24/7.

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